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Two Computers Networked for better FPS Questions...

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Hi Guys,


My system:


Sabertooth Z87 i7 4770K Quad Core OC 4.2

Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti 6 Gb


I not sure if I'm in the right place to be asking the following questions...


A short time ago I did an upgrade to my flight simulator and added two monitors, one in each door for side views.


The new load of opening two new 2D views and dragging them to my side monitors is quite a bit more load on my system even know I'm running a GTX 980 6Gb card.


Everything runs great in low density scenery situations...but


I find that I'm running into out of memory errors in dense scenery situations...


I have an opportunity to purchase another computer identical to mine that I could network together, if I were to do this would be possible to run the two side monitors off the second computer's video card to lighten the load and improve frame rates for the whole setup?


What would be the best way to combine the two computers to utilise the full resource of both to be able to kick the settings up and still maintain my 30 fps?


Would using Pete's "Widefs"  be the program to accomplish this?


Any feedback or recommendations would be greatly appreciated to help make the decision to purchase this second computer!


Thanks in advance,











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Hi Sambo: One man's experience, FWIW - an easier way to achieve that 30 frames+, with much greater immersion and without the connectivity, cost and space issues would be to make use of Nvidia's "Surround" function, along with NaturalPoint's "TrackIR" viewing system. 


The TrackIR reflector can be attached to the band of a headset with a couple of screws, rivets, w.h.y, in a minute or two, and Surround can be setup within ten minutes. Your 980 is more than capable of running three monitors at a pretty high resolution. I ran 3840 x 1024 for several years (three 19" @1280 x 1024 Viewsonics), and a friend of mine is running 5760 x 1080 (three 27" @1920 x 1080) on a pair of GTX 580's. If you then want to lessen the load with a second PC - get one and run your secondary FSX software on it.



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