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Operations Center missing - SOLVED

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Hallo all;

PMDG Operations Center is missing!


I'm reinstalling my pmdg 737 and 747. But I cant find the operations center?

I'm running win10 and fsx:se.

I have followed the instructions of logging into pmdg website and redownloading my orders.

But still  i cant find the operations center.

Its not in the start menu, its not on the C:/programfiles(86)....


And is it correct that the 737NGX is now on version 1d ?



Geordie Zoutman



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I don't know... we quit using the 1c or 1d designation back when the product branched out into three platforms.  Current version is 1.10.6461.  All downloads from PMDG are current version. You can check version by looking at Control Panel > Programs and Features list of programs, right column is version number.


Be sure you ran the installer with admin rights.


i just noticed you are using FSX Steam Edition.  It is possible that you have a registry problem created by Steam, but first verify you run installer as admin. If that fails then I recommend you open a trouble ticket at PMDG Product Support and they will help you clean up the problem.

Dan Downs KCRP

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Problem solved! Thanks!

I had to run as admin. Fsx is on D so no trouble with admin rights, but ops center on C: was then refused and not installed. :)

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