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estonia migration tool question

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I have both FSX and P3D v3.2. I bought the estonia migration tool. The problem that I have is that only a handful of FSX installed aircraft show in P3D. When redirection is not enabled I have 114 aircraft availalble in P3D, When redirection is enabled I have 169 aircraft and when P3D is launched in legacy mode I still have 169 aircraft. I thought that all FSX  installed aircraft would show in P3D.  The manual says that you don't need to reinstall your FSX aircraft to have them in P3d.


Any idea what the problem is? what am I doing wrong with the EMT?



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Hello.  My understanding of it is,  If you have FSX and Prepar3D Installed on the same drive it will copy over Default only FSX Planes to Prepar3D.  


It will Not copy over the additional planes you have in FSX to Prepar3D.  You have to Reinstall these into Prepar3D again.  

What FSX planes are you Installing into FSX?   With each update to Prepar3D these FSX planes are getting further and further away from each other compatibility wize 

Elaine Dixon 

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