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GNS 530 SimConnect Example

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Since there wasn't any real clear example of how to interact between the GNS 530 using C# through SimConnect, I wrote a minimalist example that hopefully will allow others to avoid some of that initial grief and hair pulling.  The concept will be the same for the 430 if you use that unit instead.  While I don't have the G1000 unit, I'm guessing that it works in a similar manner through the configuration of a .INI file.  You can use this example as the stepping stone to connecting up your hardware to the GNS.


I wrote this to connect to P3D using the SimConnect 3.2 version of the DLL.  If you want to target FSX or a different version of P3D, you'll need to swap out the DLL in the references part of the project to something else and also swap out the 'using LockheedMartin.Prepar3D.SimConnect;' statement to the FSX one in the cSimConnect.cs file to the appropriate DLL namespace.


VS2015 C# 4.5 Framework project is here:


A copy of the GNS.ini file that is configured to work with the program is included in the zip fle.   You will need to swap out your installed one for mine before launching P3D.  You can find your installed one in the folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mindstar\Flight Simulator Addons\GNS.ini"


I hope you find this useful.





Note: the GPS image in the program is just static..



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Hello Mr. Geodirk,

I am trying to adapt you program to FSX-Steam. Due to my lack of experience using Simconnect I am heaving problems to understand the instructions.

Could you please be more specific in which changes I need made to use the program with FSX?

Thank you very much in anticipation.

Best regards,




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Why would you need his program?  Our 430/530 already has the exact same interface with a working map display.  I am really not understanding the purpose.

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I do not know if that product is flexible enough to work with our software.  You would have to check with the manufacturer.

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