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I don't understand...

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Now, without spending too much words.. from when I switched from 2.5 to v3 (now 3.2), I always had the impression that the sim wasn't delivering the same quality (with the exact same mods and settings) .. recently with all this blurred textures, not loading scenario.. and whatever I spend more time to try to fix my settings, than flying.

It could be my eyes.. or my bad memory.. I don't have many screenshot to compare.. but don't it looks two different sims here? (the scenario is about the same zone.. as I fly always around germany):


P3 V2.5:










P3 V3.2:






...dunno what's wrong here. I can't see to match the same quality and performance I had last year... and I'm doing the same fps as well (with 2.5 I had gtx 780 .. now I have a gtx 980ti).

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Based off those screen shots, no it doesn't.  But, due to the difference of location the screenshots were taken its hard to compare.


What precisely looks different?  


I do know, with V3 you can now adjust the HDR settings.  Maybe V2's HDR settings and V3's default HDR settings are different.  Maybe try playing with those?





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I can't seem to grasp what differences you're outlining too. The pics seems to be very different in location and angle of views.


If you mean blurries then unfortunately that's a big issue many of us have with 3.2.

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Totally impossible for me to see what the differences might be. They all look like the same sim to me. For a good comparison you really need similar screenshots.

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