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Wanthuyr Filho

WX radar (777 PMDG)

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I'm currently running P3D 3.2 with 777 PMDG and the weather radar is only working, apparently, when I use ASN fully. Have they changed anything, like forcing the weather radar depiction to only occur when their product (ASN) is running, so now OpusFSI and other weather software won't be able to show WX radar information anymore?


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ASN WX Radar


Our previous advice for using the ASN WX Radar with OpusFSI Live Weather Engine. The following procedure allows ASN to check and validate their licence and enable their bootstrap DLL. As mentioned before, WX Radar has nothing to do with weather generation or injection so I see no reason why the ASN WX Radar could/should not be available for use with other sources of weather, even static weather, sim weather, and of course OpusFSI weather.


Recommended procedure for the latest ASN releases ...


Wx Radar (obtained from any addon or aircraft sim) is TOTALLY independent of the actual source of weather or the weather engine injecting the weather. It's generated purely from the internal cloud state data combined with the cloud's precipitation data.


With the latest version of ASN, if you want the detailed and real world OpusFSI Live Weather, want to enjoy your OpusFSI World Weather Themes, or any other source of weather for that matter you can overcome the interfering effect of the active ASN weather engine with the following simple procedure.


1. Start ASN, allow it to validate its licence and enable its WX Radar feature.

2. Open the Windows Task Manager.

3. Highlight the ASN process and click on the End Process option.

4. Start FSISERVER and update its weather in the usual manner.


The previous versions of ASN didn't attempt to kill their Wx Radar data feature for users not wanting to use their weather engine, so the above only applies to their latest upgrade. In previous versions you shouldn't run the ASN program at all, just install their bootstrap dll.


Hopefully AS will soon provide an option to disable their weather injection (as we do). This will then allow people to purchase ASN and make use of their textures and Wx radar features whilst still having the free choice of what source of weather they want to fly in.


As a further precaution, I would advise, if you wish to use OpusFSI Live Weather (or any other source of weather injection for that matter including static themes) I would advise you to take a copy of this latest ASN version. That way you can always restore it should an update try and spoil things for you.


As you know we have always encouraged people to purchase a copy of ASN if they wish to enjoy their Wx Radar feature. Nothing has changed with this latest update although it would have been better if the above procedure was unnecessary each time users want to enjoy a different source of weather.


Stephen :-)

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