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Tailored Radials DHC-4 Caribou

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I hope this becomes a fair-dinkum DCS module.

I love the old crate, so reliable and gets in and out of amazingly impossible spots.

Also able to fly as something other than combat in DCS .. I fly the helo's in casevac, resup and scouting roles in DCS ... I'd like to shape my DCS flying into a DCS:Bush-Flying experience (I just need to work out how to convince someone to create DCS:Alaska terrain) ... so this plane would be brilliant!

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Tailored Radials has near to complete the DHC-4 Caribou External Model

Just about finished off the external model, a few tweaks here and there to go, nose wheel strut, horizontal stabiliser to join the elevator, vents just below the cockpit and then it's time to rig all the flight controls up, and landing gear. So this will be the last image for quite some time as i focus on these fairly small details and we will now go for a month to month update.


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I am really looking forward to this.


Will it be proper module or will it use an adapted fm?

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Thanks Silver Dragon. I guess I'm a bit OCD that way, I like to know that it's at least AFM or better :).

I know that 3rd party devs get access to a part of PFM, which they are able to use to augment their own FM logic.

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DCS: World only.

Not so...


Got an email back from Kieran...


My question to him. "What sims are you porting these models to... DCS, FSX, P3Dv3, etc.?"


His reply...


"Hey mate. DCS and P3D. Thanks"


Update, the Dev advised me directly that there will be an FSX/P3D version of the Bou and other models. He noted to expect new info on this soon.

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The main problem as, DCS: W and P3D modelling (Animation and cockpit work) and programming has totally incompatible. I was not know the plan for a P3D version

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