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Asking aPFPX AKA Profesional Flight Planner X for FSX question.

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Hi to all, from Ron Kolesar, AKA The Blind Pilot.

I fly thanks to the following three programs.

1. FSX.

2. a bridge of a program called FSUIPC.

Which allows FSX to communicate with Third Party programs.

3. Last but not least the voice input program from Canada called It's Your Plane or IYP for short.

Their web address is at:

Now I wished that there were a demo of the PFPX program to stress test out.

That way one can see if it will work out for what they use.

I like the fact that it will give you a random number of both cargo and passengers.

Also, I like the fact that it will give you automatically if you so chose your ultimate level cruising alt as well.

I have been using the free airplane Manager flight calculator.

If you do a internet search for airplane manager flight calculator, you'll find the free calculator.

But it gives off inaccurate information.

I've tried to explain this the designers of the calculator.

But it's like don't call us, we'll call you.

So what is everyone's opinion of the PFPX flight planner?

I'd really appreciate it if this would get to the person who wrote the program to see about a demo to see if it would work with what I need to use so that blind people man and do enjoy the fly.

Long live the Dassault Falcon 7X until we FSX Pilots can get our hands on a working FSX model of the Dassault Falcon 8x airplane. SMILES.

Ron Kolesar AKA The Blind Pilot.

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