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UTX USA V2.2 and UTX TAC V1.1

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when I installed utx


utx tac v1.1


then utx usa v2.2


set FSX lib order as per the Manual specifically utx tac page 30


From utx tac manual


The UTX-Tropical America and Caribbean (shown as UT TAC in the scenery library) installation process will add at LEAST 9 new layers to the FSX scenery library. These scenery layers are unique to UTX TAC and share no common usage with other UTX scenery regions (i.e. USA, Europe, Canada or Alaska).

1. “UT TAC Detailed Areas” – Contains the 30+ detailed port scenery areas provided in UTX TAC.

2. “UT TAC Airports” – Contains the 200+ airport corrections in the UTX TAC region.

3. “UT TAC Ground Polygons” – Contains special ground polygons like forested areas, grass, sand.

4. “UT TAC Streams” – Contains scenery files for streams and smaller rivers (textured lines).

5. “UT TAC Water” – Contains scenery files for water polygons and coastlines.

6. “UT TAC Railroads” – Contains scenery files for UT TAC railroads.

7. “UT TAC Roads” – Contains scenery files for UT TAC roads.

8. “UT TAC Lighting” – Contains scenery files for special night lighting objects.

9. “UT TAC Exclusions For Default Scenery” – Special exclusions that remove overlapping scenery areas (i.e some UTX USA areas).

If UTX TAC is your first UTX product installed, then you will see an additional 3 scenery layers present. These folders are normally shared among all UTX scenery products. So, they are only present 1 time for all UTX products installed.

1. “UT FSX Object Repositioning” – Repositioning of static FSX buildings (i.e. Landmarks).

2. “UT Landclass – Vegetation” – Vegetation landclass layer.

3. “UT Landclass – Urban” – Urban/City landclass.

Ordering Of Ultimate Terrain X Layers

Only a couple of rules must be followed when layering the Ultimate Terrain specific entries.

UT TAC Exclusions For Default Scenery

The ‘UT TAC Exclusions For Default Scenery’ layer is critical. This layer contains special scenery files that will exclude the default FSX features that are being replaced by Ultimate Terrain. This layer must always be below every other Ultimate Terrain entry. It must be above the default FSX scenery layers, with the last layer normally being the ‘Add-on Scenery’ layer or the “Propeller Objects’ layer. However, there is a special case for UTX USA users described below…..



"""""""" Note: UTX USA users



A very small portion of this scenery overlaps UTX USA. If you have both UTX TAC and UTX USA installed, you should make sure that the ‘UT TAC Exclusions For Default Scenery’ layer is installed above the 4 following UTX USA layers also. Specifically, this includes “UT USA Roads”, “UT USA Ground Polygons”, “UT USA Water” and “UT Exclusions For Default Scenery”."""""


when I do what it sais to do for UTX USA user ,,,, Move UT TAC Exclusions For Default Scenery up so it is above usa roads usa ground polygons usa water and ut exclusions for default scenery ,,, it takes away all the roads and car traffic in all of TAC coverage area ,,, if I move UT TAC Exclusions For Default Scenery’ back down the lib so it is below tac lighting , the roads and cars are back,,,,


But I don't know what effect this has on all or part of the utx usa


any help is greatly appreciated

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I have UT TAC, UT USA, UT Canada and UT AK installed on my system (All are the most current versions).    In my FSX Scenery Library, the only "exclusion file" I see listed is "UT Exclusions For Default Scenery" which is below all other UT entries (which is where it must be located).


I do not see "UT TAC Exclusions for Default Scenery" in the scenery library.  I am seeing all roads and car traffic in all areas.   So as far as I can tell, at least in my case, "UT TAC Exclusions for Default Scenery"  is not necessary and it was not installed into my scenery library when I installed all my my UT scenery.



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This topic is closed.  The OP decided to vent his frustrations here on AVSIM and I had to remove a couple of his topics.  Trolling is not allowed here.  There are civilized ways to find a solution.

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