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Triple 50" 4k w/ GTX 1080 Strix SLI

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Hello all


I am building a new system to run P3D V3 w/ ASN, REX texture Direct + Soft Clouds (Soon to be SKYFORCE 3D), multiple high detail aircraft addons (PMDG,A2A, Flight1, Carenado, etc), orbx and the list goes on.  


Here is my parts list


I have a question regarding the capabilties of my graphics setup.  My 6700K CPU is from silicon lottery pre-binned and delidded running OC at 4.9Ghz stable so i shouldn't have CPU limitations and the resolution will be 11520x2160


Triple 4k 50" TV's and 2 x ASUS GTX 1080 Strix Cards OC'd in High Bandwidth (HB) SLI (Nvidia SLI HB Bridge)


1.) Can this setup operate p3d visuals around 30 fps?  Preferably high to very high quality 

     note: I use FSDT, Fly Tampa, and Flightbeam airports with GSX active also use ORBX Base, Vector, and NA Gold & Blue


2.) Outside of being too costly is there any modifications that need to be completed prior to ordering everything?





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Sounds like a great setup, though I'm doubtful even SLI 1080s will be enough for 3x4k...  Also, wow for the price of that binned & delidded 6700k.  $289 at Micro Center and delidding is free ;)  I realize you're paying for the pre-testing and binning service but nearly 3x retail is a bit much for me.  It's a great service, wish I'd thought of it first since I was one of the first to bother with delidding in the modern era when Ivy Bridge came out.  


Anyway, that's a beastly setup, I hope it works out for you!  Oh yeah, one more thing - closed loop coolers like the H110i you've chosen will almost certainly not offer enough heat dissipation capacity to support a 6700k @ 4.9GHz, even delidded.  You should look into "real" water cooling.  It gets expensive, but you obviously have the money ;)  I'm in the middle of water cooling my 5820k/GTX 1070 build as we speak, expect to have it done in the next couple days and should finally be able to tame the overheating issues I have with this chip @ 4.5GHz.  

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