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My Computer Has Crashed! What Do I Do now?

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The following piece is just a small extract from the CTD Guide  "Crash To Desktop"   You can click this Link and Download the full CTD Guide to your computer

This piece i have taken from the Guide is the actions a person can take take after receiving a CTD

The Guide is fully equipped and Indexed with clickable chapters that will Navigate you to a Chapter of your choosing 


This AVSIM Crash-to-Desktop (CTD) guide provides investigative techniques you can try when you get one of those dreaded crashes while loading the sim to your setup screen, during the loading to the flight, or during the flight. Most importantly, the guide includes tips on preventing crashes, probable causes, and you may see some actual fixes we found while searching the Internet and scanning forums throughout the flight simulation community. For the purposes of this guide, a CTD includes incidents where the simulation crashes, freezes up during a flight or you receive the nasty Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
(1)  Actions to take if you decide to post a CTD in the AVSIM CTD Forum
(2)  Actions to take after a crash is encountered
(3)  Check the Windows Event Viewer
(1)  Actions to take if you decide to post a CTD in the AVSIM CTD Forum
   .   Provide an AppCrashView report and copy and paste it in your topic or post
   .  Check Windows Event Viewer (if AppCrashView does not show any crash)
   .  Describe in detail what happened (when, where, how)
   .  Provide your system specs if not already shown in your signature
      Link to the CTD forums
(2) Actions to take after a crash is encountered –
Download AppCrashView -  When you get a CTD, a Windows Error Report (WER) is generated by Windows. This report is not very detailed and Microsoft did not make it easy for you to find or interpret the report. AppCrashView interprets the Microsoft WER reports and provides more details. 
Open the File and Extract it   Right Click on AppCrashView.exe and run as administrator
Please Note: If you post a CTD report in the AVSIM CTD Forum, you should copy and paste the latest crash report in your topic

It will bring up a list of Crashes you had all time and date stamped.  Click on the Crash you want to Investigate to Highlight it and Copy the complete crash Information Tex to your Topic 


(3)  Check the Windows Event Viewer
The Windows Event Viewer can provide a wealth of information regarding your CTD or information about your crash that may not have been recorded in a Windows Error Report. Plus there could be other problems being reported that need to be fixed that could be causing your application crashes.
You can get to your Windows Event Viewer by going to the Windows Search Box, type ‘Event’ and then look up in the Menu and click on Event Viewer. Once open, click on Custom ViewsAdministrative Events. The Summary of Administrative Events will show you the various types of “Events”. Critical (which should be fixed as soon as possible), Error, and sometimes Warning Events are what you should be interested in. Administrative Events will show you everything that happened to your computer each time you turned it on and while it was running from the day you installed your Windows OS. Once a related error is found, double-click the error and you will see the report plus the ability to copy the information to paste in your topic. See the following examples:

Double Click this line and it will open in a new window for you to Copy and then Paste into your topic (see next Image) 




Avsim Tip:  Very important!  Once the event viewer is open, click on Custom Views and then Administrative Events (this provides all events from all Sources)

As you can see,  This is the report after double clicking your error as shown in the previous image.  Click Copy and you can Paste the report to your Topic. 

Please Note:   Go back to your topic and post this report plus details of the crash and system specifications (i.e., i7 4770K, GTX780, one 34” monitor, etc.) as recommended above.





That was just a small extract from the CTD Guide,   If you get a CTD please click this link and download the Guide in full, It is packed with Error guides, Tips, Fix's and Links

If you are looking for help on the CTD Forums regarding a Crash,  Please Include the Crash Report and as much details as you can,  Computer Specs and a description on When Where and How the crash Happened.  

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