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I have both P3D v3 and MSFX steam installed and using both. I have run steam and the GNS 530/430 seems to run ok with the installed C172.....haven't really tested P3D.  I have yet to integrate the gauges.  My problem is when i go to apps in win 10, Mindstar and run Aircraft browser as admin i get an runtime 6 error  over flow msg.  Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.





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Exactly how many aircraft do you have installed, including all possible AI models as well.  The Aircraft Browser isn't where you create entries... it's just a tool we use when providing remote support.

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I have quite a few at this point....PMDG B737/B777;  Aerosoft A320/321/318/19;  Aerosoft F14;  Milviz Adv T38, F100, F86, F15; Ants T28; Captain Sim L1011; Feelthere ERJ 145; iFLY B737; Simcheck A300; Xtreme Prototypes X15; and Freeware C47....along with native FSX A/C. 


Watching A/C browser go through its iteration, it always gets this error when reaching PMDG 737NGX Tutorial #2 EHAM-LOWI Before Top of Descent.FLT.  So I tried removing it and it was successful until it reached one of the X15 .Flt tutorial.  Removing that allowed it to be successful in loading itself.  But putting them back results in the same error.


Yes, I noticed these seemed to be support software which seem very nice so i started to use them trying to figure out my issue.  I received a dual registry error for FSX box and FSX steam.  I sinced solved that but it does not resolve my original issue.


Running the sim support tool FSX.CFG results in runtime error 75....Path/File access error.


Strangely enough P3D V3 tool buttons all seem to work with no issues that i can tell.


At this point it doesn't seem to be effecting my sim play.  All this was an issue when I went to see if the Mindstar app installed successfully, noticed the tools and became curious.


Thank you very much,


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