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PTA 1.4 : some clouds options are not working on my system....

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Hi all,


Today I wanted to finetune the clouds with the latest version 1.4.

Terrain and lighting tabs do work.


It looks like some Clouds tab options are not working on my system :


- Alternate lighting for clouds groups 

- Clouds lighting tuning ( even tried 5 )  --> to compensate the slightly darker clouds at daytime ( caused by the haze tweak tweak ) 



Clouds shadows extended size is working.

Reduce clouds brightnes at dawn/dusk is working

Clouds shades adjustment is working.


I started with a default Shaders HLSL folder.



Any suggestions ?

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Any suggestions ?

Hi, Gerard!

You can check that tweaks were applied to shaders. At screens below, find proper strings in ShadersHLSL\Cloud.fx shader after applying preset and compare:

alternate lighting for groups:






Clouds lighting tuning:






If shader code complies applied tweaks then I think the problem is very high value for light factor for cloud lighting tweak. In default cloud shader each puff in the cloud has the brightest and the darkest shade (max and min, for ex.).

Alternate cloud lighting for groups makes that not puffs but some entire clouds have that max and min:

Default cloud lighting






Alternate cloud lighting for groups






When you apply tweak "Clouds lighting tuning" with high light factor, min becomes almost equal max. No matter, for puffs or for entire clouds/groups.

Thats why clouds look "flat bright".

Here screenshot with active alternate lighting for groups AND Clouds lighting tuning with Light factor = 5:







Also Light factor value more than 1 seems to be useless and equal 1.


Gerard, are you sure that any haze tweaks affect clouds? I'am pretty sure that these tweaks affect ONLY terrain (alternate version for IFR) and terrain fog (main version for VFR).

Clouds, fog on clouds and autogen do not modified by any haze tweaks.

I would appreciate confirmation or refutation of this.



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Hi Yuri,


Tomorrow I will try your suggestions.

As a workaround I now use more brightness + bloom and then used PTA to darken the ground...



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Hi Yuri,


The lines are being modified.


I now have tested some extra and at 0900 h I can see the difference between Alt lighting on or off.

At 1800 I cannot see it.

Has to do with the lighting of the sun I guess and depending of the time. 


Alt lighting OFF




Alt lighting On







Also at the same time of day the Clouds Lighting tuning tweak is working.

So summary : all of the tweak do work, but with clouds to see effect also depends on the time of day..


Regarding the Haze effect on the clouds ; I use Active Sky 16 which makes quiet a haze already. Perhaps combining the 2 cause a slight less brightness effect on the clouds, which can easily solved by the Clouds lighting tweak ...


Last question : the Reduce Clouds brightness and Clouds  does always work or only at dusk/dawn ?



Thanks, will make a donation..

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Thank you very much, Gerard!

I see difference on your screenshots. Is it at 18-00 or 9-00?

I did some comparisons on my installation and my assumption is that effect of alternate clouds lighting for groups depends mostly on installed sky textures.

Here some screens (I use Navid's sky textures v.3 update 1):

time is 5:00







time is 20:00







time is 12:00







and here time 12:00 but installed REX sky theme "Fair"







with REX sky effect not so excplicit.


Last question : the Reduce Clouds brightness and Clouds does always work or only at dusk/dawn ?

Yes, dusk/dawn and night. But depends also on sky textures.

Roughly speaking logic of tweak is: if [cloud brightness / fog brightness] ratio is more than 2, cloud brightness reduces by this ratio.

I tested pretty much texture sets and found that limit (2) is good enough. For all textures at daytime, cloud lighting is not affected by tweak.

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Hi Yuri,


The screenshots I took were at 09.10h in the morning.

As I use AS16 + ASCA ( textures ) In Full Dynamics mode I cannot use other sky/cloud textures.


At this moment I have multiple p3d.cfg files :

- Fair weather

- Overcast

- Overcast + Rainy

- Night


The difference is autogen and AI traffic.

Only the Night cfg uses different Brightness/Bloom settings, to have a dark night with dark clouds




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Using Cloud shade adjustments causes darker clouds if it is raining.

No problem when flying below the clouds.


However, flying above the clouds in the sun with grey looking clouds is less real.

At Dawn/dusk it looks great...

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Hmm... can't agree, Gerard. Looks like tweak does not affect this.

IMO it's Prepar3D default behaviour: with precipitation shades become slightly darker, but unfortunately no matter below or above clouds. I think there is no way to change this by shaders tweaking.


Here is screenshot with default P3D shaders:







Tweak "Clouds shades adjustment" just desaturates/saturates clouds but keeps brightness level. I used it, for instance, with previous version of Navid's sky textures (at dawn/dusk clouds looked very reddish):






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Hi Yuri,


Yesterday I was at 22000 ft above the clouds ( puffy overcast ) and it looked light grey.

I restarted the flight with the Clouds shade tweak of and the same clouds looked much more white ...


Left or right , imho you have made a great tool !

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