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FS9 reports "out of memory" on start up.

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Hi folks, I wonder if you can help.


When I start FS9, which has worked fine for years, the splash screen comes up but before it gets around to opening the main menu screen I get:-


"Your computer has run out of available memory. Flight simulator will now close. You may not have enough free space on your hard drive. Run Disk Cleanup to free up space and then try running Flight Simulator again."


When I hit OK it then tells me:-


"FS9.exe - Applicatiom Error.

The instruction at '0x7c14f0e7' referenced memory at '0x0000001c'. The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program."


Well I thought the first suggestion unlikely as there are 68GBs free on my C: drive but did run Cleanup followed by a defrag but no change there.


The second message looked the more likely so I ran Memtest86 which threw up quite a lot of errors.

Haha thought I. Ran Memtest on each of the four memory boards individually and isolated the problem board.


Replaced the three 'good' boards and thought 'Problem solved' . . . .  Problem NOT solved. Exactly the same messages when I tried Flightsim.


As the report stated "FS9.exe - Application Error.", I replaced FS9.exe with a known good back-up. Still the same error.


Not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I had this problem too. Mostly it was due to an incompability of an aircraft or scenery. Obvisouly MS is short on other messages, so it choose what it has available! I would souggest to deactivate all your addon sceneries in scenery.cfg down after the Area "Propeller Objects". Replace all "Active=TRUE" by "Active=FALSE". Needless to say that you should backup scenery.cfg file first! If FS is running again, you have to activate the addons step by step and package-wise. Best use a tool like FS Scenery Manager.

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Thank you so much for your reply Goldenrocket, you've hit it on the head!


I opened scenery.cfg, hit cntrl/end and set the last four entries to false. FS started no problem.


Only a matter of a few minutes to find the offending scenery.


Guess it's into ADE9 now to find out what's wrong with it.


My thanks again.

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I just had this "out of memory" message for the very first time as well and after many years of problem free FS9 simming with hundreds of addon aircraft, panels and sceneries all over the world. However, in my case it happened every time during taxiing to the active (EHEH in the Dutch country wide scenery v3) in the default Beechcraft Baron-58 but with an addon panel which has never caused any problems before.

I figured that the addon airport scenery and all the rest of it couldn't be the culprit because such scenery is always static. It must therefore be caused by something programmable and active, e.g. one or more of the panel's instruments.

I replaced the panel with the same one from a very old backup and PRESTO, the problem was gone. A somehow corrupted/damaged instrument ? It certainly seems that way.


Comments please.

Thanks in advance.


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