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FS9.exe error R6025 - pure virtual function call

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Yes, another one of these pesky posts! I have looked through the forums enough but cannot figure out what the hell is suddenly causing these. For the past 3 days or so, these keep popping up in various situations.


Here's a list of a few things that have been modified/added roughly the time it started first happening:

  • New LevelD-Skyspirit 767 merge, works perfectly fine considering I did EGCC-KJFK with no issues.
  • Used Full Environment 9 ( and replaced sky, water, sun. I did not replace clouds. Has worked fine and not CTD'd instantly on startup.
  • Tweaked some fx_strobeh lights I had setup for airbus and boeing AI, which have always worked since I started doing them over a year ago.
  • Tropicalsim MDPC added, scenery loads fine.
  • New AIRAC cycle installed and worked fine for flights at first, recycled back to 1605 cycle and that worked fine too.

I know you can get CTDs from corrupt texture files, I am use to those and usually they make the screen go blank and then says FS9 needs to close. I eventually fix them, but, these new errors are confusing. They have been in various different stages of flight and suddenly pop up and I click 'ok' and FS9 closes.


  • In flight using Project Airbus A321 merged with Aerosoft panel (always works fine), about 2hrs into flight, cruising, then error appears.
  • AI spotting at KATL and EGLL, different times of day, had been working fine for up to 20/30 mins before hand then error appears.
  • Spotting at EGLL stuttered for a couple of seconds whilst slewing in top-down view to a new location at the airport then error appears.

Really confused as to what is suddenly causing this. Again, no new aircraft have been installed. I tried to check Event Viewer but it doesn't appear to be showing the errors, as in, it's not creating a new log. There are some past Application errors referring to FS9.exe and they mentioned modules 'MFC70.dll', 'unknown', 'G2D.dll', 'G3D.dll', they are errors from months ago which haven't really appeared since. 


I am utterly perplexed :mad:  

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If anyone needs help on these pesky issues, I had edited a few effects files for AI lighting and left some comment lines in, I think I just needed to delete them as there were far too many. I also changed a few lines in fs9.cfg that I had commented out too and finally changed a settings in nvidia inspector. So it's either those files or the graphics side it seems!

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