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First "Emergency Situation" encounter

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I felt like sharing this with everyone for some reason:


To preface, I've been flying the PMDG 777 ever since it was first released and I'm a stickler for realism so service based failures are always on.


Mimicking UAL 952, non stop service from KORD-EDDM (prior to that i had just finished UAL 896 VHHH-KORD). Everything has gone routine so far; no issues throughout the entire flight. Upon descent into Munich, I just happened to pan down to lower EICAS display to notice my Oil Temp in my NO. 2 engine was well into the red, reaching temps of 200 degrees! I immediately pulled up the electronic checklist where it brought me to the appropriate "non-normal procedures" for high oil temp. Followed the checklist step-by-step to no avail as the oil temp continued to climb. As prompted, I ended up shutting down NO. 2 engine. WOW! these GE90's are powerful. She flew like it was no big deal on one engine all the way to touchdown; the auto-rudder trim did its job! She was a little tricky to taxi though once I got her on the ground though :P


Why the high oil temp?? It was something so simple that I will always check from now on before each flight...Oil quantity in NO. 2 engine was 12qts (whoops). Immediately topped off all fluids through the Maintenance page in the FMC upon reaching the gate lol.


So, I guess the whole point of this post is just to give props to PMDG for providing us with such a high fidelity, realistic add-on! I never get bored flying the 777 or 737.


Thanks PMDG Team,


Jeff Cowles

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She was a little tricky to taxi though once I got her on the ground though


I got a big laugh at this.  I've had to shut down an engine in the twin I fly twice. The first time was memorable, on landing and pulling power off the good engine you suddenly realize all the yaw trim that was helping you is now fighting to push you into the grass.  Then learning to taxi on one engine, especially turning into the good engine is darn near impossible.  The trick I was taught was to use thrust while straight to add a little speed then pull power and coast through the turn without thrust.  The second time was a lot easier, although it is never something you get used too.

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