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one engine inoperative landing

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hello everyone


could you help me please to understand well the ILS-GLS Approach - FAIL PASSIVE.


i don't understand what is "LOCALIZER Capture" and "Alive".

is this procedure  used only when the aircraft land with one inoperative engine (B737-800)

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Localizer capture is the point at which the automation systems/avionics starts to track and give guidance for the localizer. Alive just means that the localizer needle on the HSI, EHSI is active and moving. Some call it case break or localizer off the wall. Fail Passive is an autopilot mode of operation during approach and landing

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thank you , i have another question : concerning the QRH of B737-800 , what is Vref ICE . Is there any difference between Vref or Vref ICE.

for example :


1 Plan a flaps 15 landing.
2 Set VREF 15 or VREF ICE.
If any of the following conditions apply, set
VREF ICE = VREF 15 + 10 knots:
Engine anti–ice will be used during landing
Wing anti–ice has been used any time
during the flight

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Vref is the reference landing speed.  Vref ICE is the reference landing speed in icing conditions.  As stated in the QRH text that you quoted, you should use Vref ICE if you will have the engine anti-ice on during landing or if you have used wing anti-ice at any time during the flight.  To get Vref ICE you simply add 10 knots to the normal Vref.  (A different Vref for icing conditions is only needed when landing using flaps 15.)


Don S.

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but i noticed that when performance allows the landing is performing with flaps 30 : 



QRH text :


Landing using flaps 30 (if performance allows):
Use flaps 30 and VREF 30 for landing and flaps 15 for go-around.
Go to step 4
Landing using flaps 15:
Go to step 2
and the step 4 is : 4 Use engine anti-ice on the operating engine only.
And based on what you said, using engine anti-ice  will be performing only by using Vref ICE 30.
when using Vref 30 and the conditions are normal, there is no need to go to the step 4.
m i right ? 

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If you are landing in icing conditions, then you should have engine anti-ice on. If you have an inoperative engine, anti-ice should only be used on the operating engine.  If you can land using flaps 30, then use Vref30.  If you are landing using flaps 15, then use Vref 15 ICE.

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