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  1. 😅 (Actual quote: "We have one of our really talented guys working on the flight model..."
  2. No, it's the second. The core development team also had early access to WU4.
  3. It is in both the developmental and the experimental versions.
  4. The flight model has been completely re-done as well. New functions have been custom added to allow separate CONF 1 and 1+F performance levels that are not otherwise possible, limit spoiler deployment to 1/2 deflection when under autopilot control and inhibit spoiler deployment in CONF FULL and when thrust levers > FLX/MCT.
  5. Nope, not fixed. Same as before. This fix had been scheduled for Sim Update 4, not World Update 4, so hoping it was just a mistake to include it in this changelog.
  6. I assume you know that the A320NEO is not certified or equipped to land at EGLC. Hope you don't have to turn in your license! 😅
  7. It's decelerating on dry runways in the experimental version with the new engine model. Ground idle in the new engine model will need to be adjusted to account for the too high friction even on a dry runway just like the engine model in the current master was.
  8. How it was before was more accurate. I'm sure this will be adjusted in the future.
  9. Altimeter will be less accurate based on temperature. Altimeters are not temperature-compensated, so what you are seeing in game now is not correct. For example, in cold temperatures, you should be closer to the terrain than would be shown by your altimeter. This real inaccuracy is not currently present, but is supposed to be added in Sim Update 4. The other, larger, change is that pressure altitude will be corrected in Sim Update 4 to be correct when the sea level pressure is not 1013.25/29.92. It is incorrect in the current sim version.
  10. No, I would recommend you not do that. Aside from that not being the root problem, that will affect every flap setting. Again, I would caution against doing this in this case. Moving the station loads simply changes the cg location, which again is not the issue here. If you want to change the cg position, you can simply adjust the values in each station in the MSFS weight and balance window without having to make changes to the cfg file. As @DAD noted, this does not appear to be an issue for everyone. I know of one particular case that was due to the individual having flaps assigned to an axis on his controller rather than having a button to increase flaps one setting at a time. As a result, he was getting 1+F instead of 1 on approach and this caused his issue with having the airplane briefly climb when he first deployed flaps on approach. Others have been inadvertently been using the legacy flight model. What I have found is that the autopilot may be too aggressive in using pitch to decelerate to S speed upon selecting CONF 1. The vertical speed may briefly go positive during this deceleration until S speed is reached. This does not happen with the stable or developer versions indicating there may be something within the default FBW system that dampens the autopilot response. This should not be a function of the FBW system, so it will not be addressed in the experimental version until the custom autopilot is finished.
  11. Next time this happens, check the PERF APPR page and confirm what Vapp should be. Then confirm that the magenta bug on the speed tape is set to the same value when in full landing flap configuration. Screen shots or a video that would enable the developers to reproduce it would be great. Here is where you can report it if so inclined: https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/issues
  12. You are exactly right @bigifooti. And it is caused by the same thing that also can result in floating at landing. I can't go into the cause right now, but we are working on a fix.
  13. Try completely emptying your community folder except for the A32nx. It should work then. Then you can add things back one at a time to find out which one conflicts.
  14. Are you using YourControls? If you are you need to either ditch it or update it and see if that fixes your issue. Otherwise, check for issues with custom liveries. By itself, the A32NX mod does not have this issue.
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