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Upgrade / VR queries.

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My build:   Z68Pro3, i52500K OC'd to 4.2Ghz, GTX770 4GB, 16GB DDR3, 720W PSU


My intentions:   Firstly upgrade video card (probably to 1080) and get 4K monitor. Eventually invest in VR headset.


My gaming: Sims (DCS/IL2 COD / Stalingrad / Moscow / XP10), Elite Dangerous, FPS, GTAV, Witcher etc.


My Questions: 1) My MOBO and CPU are getting old but tbh they still seem to do the job well. Can I get away with keeping them and still run a 4K monitor and then VR headset if I replace the video card?


2) Kind of part of question 1, but is the i5 likely to be a bottleneck for a 1080?


3) 1080s still seem to be pretty pricey. Are they likely to come down in price in the near future?


4) Any recommendations for 4K monitors up to the $1000 or so mark?

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I belive sims like dcs is more gpu dependant than fsx, so upgrading only your gpu would make more sense in your case. Your cpu is bound to be somewhat of a bottleneck, but i dont belive it would be unplayable. It is at the very low end of what is necessairy to do vr in my opinion. An alternative is upgrading to the cheaper 1070, and going for an i7 cpu.i dont belive the the 1080 will fall in price in the forseable future, but who can tell?

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