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Nemeth Designs S76 lights question

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Last night I was flying this helicopter and I turned on all the helicopter lights by using the switches in the VC, but non of the lights came on. The only way the light would go on is by pressing the "L" key. What am I doing wrong? I haven't flown this helicopter in a while so maybe I am just forgetting something?

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Hello Joseph, thank you for your post because it made me look at my S-76 aircraft cfg.



//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit
light.0 = 4,   8.00,  0.00, 0.8,  fx_vclight ,
light.1 = 10,   3.00,  0.00, 1.20,  fx_vclight ,
light.2 = 1, -27.00,  0.00, 6.70,  fx_beacon ,
light.3 = 6,   -4.66,  2.45, -2.83,  fx_navwhi ,
light.4 = 6,   -4.66,  -2.45, -2.83,  fx_navwhi ,
light.6 = 2,  -23.09,  -5.31, 0.00,  fx_strobe ,
light.7 = 2,  -23.09,  5.31, 0.00,  fx_strobe ,
light.8 = 2,  -29.00,  0.00, 6.00,  fx_strobe ,


I can switch my lights on in the VC (well almost all. I noticed some strobe lights in the aircraft cfg, but there is no strobe light switch.). In fact the "L" key will not override the switch positions at all.


note to self: a simple gauge to switch the strobes on with the nav lights on condition the aircraft is above the ground.


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I copied the Lights section that you posted Ed in case mine was different but I still can't turn on the lights using the switches. Very strange.

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