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Fuel Load

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Can anyone tell me how an Airline, or Pilot accounts for the fuel remaining on a commercial aircraft such as a 747-400 after a flight?

I assume the remaining fuel is not drained off, so it must be allowed for when calculating the fuel load for the next flight.


I am an amateur flight sim enthusiast who likes to keep a record of my flight distances, fuel loads and costs etc.


Thank you.



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The fuel remaining is simply recorded in the aircraft tech log.


When fuelling for the next sector, it is as far as I know most large aircraft have the capability for a target quantity to be set (so the Captain tells the refueller how much he wants in the tanks, that figure is then set on the refuelling panel and the rest is automatic).


However, the total "uplift" (i.e. the amount that has gone through the bowser) is obviously what the airline is charged for and would normally be calculated by subtracting the total fuel load after refuelling from fuel already loaded from the tech log entry (and at some point converted from mass to volume, i.e. from kg/lb to litres/gallons, using the specific gravity of the fuel (typically about 0.8kg/l for Jet-A, but it varies slightly depending on temperature etc and would/should be provided by the refueller)).

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