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X-Trident Tornado Released

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You should really add that this is "just" version 0.9 -- it's a preview version intended for people who like to support the developer or provide feedback. A lot of things are still missing.


Going to purchase it anyway and writing a "preview" in my blog soon.


Edit: Positively impressed, so far.

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Hello Mario,Wow,I had No Idea this was a "beta" product at this time,Thank You very much for for letting Me and The Community know.Cheers

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Here's The Developers statement concerning this version of The Product......


"Fellow simmers, we are soon to announce the release of version 0.9 - It will be in a few days. There are a few details that we need to complete (plus a short manual).

So why a 0.9?

This is what we call a friendly users’ release. It will be the full product, already beta tested but still missing the polish of a final release. For instance you can expect:

  • ·        bugs that were not detected during the beta, maybe severe ones (up to a crash to desktop, that depends a lot on the specific setup of each user)
  • ·        uncomplete features (like the HUD not having all the symbols, or the warning panel not giving all the indications)
  • ·        missing features (like some functionality of the navigator console not yet implemented)
  • ·        yet-to-be-tuned  performances (max speed, max elevation, fuel consumption)
  • ·        work in progress interface (not all commands mapped, some functions only implemented in the plugin’s menu)
  • ·        uncomplete target management console
  • ·        and so on…

What you get is a full featured product (with the limitations above) with a lot of advanced custom functionalities already there:

  • ·        terrain following radar
  • ·        realistic in-flight refueling with custom buddy tanker
  • ·        moving maps (note: moving maps is a functionality but we cannot provide maps, we will provide same samples and instruction to make your own)
  • ·        supersonic performances
  • ·        short and long range guided bombs
  • ·        custom (animated) ejection sequence
  • ·        advanced weapon control panel
  • ·        tacan
  • ·        and a few more….

We are aiming at replicating what we did with the launch of our 412, that is targeting a few hard-core simmers that do not mind investing the full price of the Tornado (*) as early adopters and that are also willing to provide feedback in a positive way (test pilots to all effects…)

We will work based on the feedback received in order to get to a stable version 1.0 for the general public in the most efficient way that we can.

(*) we do not want to attract too many users with a special launch price while the product is still a 0.9, so we prefer to set one price and stick to it.

Then, after version 1.0 we will work on NEW features (like the arresting hook, dynamic targets and so on). All new features will come as free updates for all users.


Stay tuned for the official annoucement...



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