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Is this to be included in select payware cockpits?

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Hi and thank you for a great product.


I bought your lovely software today and am playing around with it in my Airfoil labs 172. I noticed that for ILS to work with my Nav 1 CDI I need to have the included 430 on.

This bugs me a little and it would be nice to be able to turn off the embedded GPS. Is there a setting or a way to do this and still use the Nav 1 CDI?


Reading through the threads here I also noticed some comments about this software being included in AFL 172 and a Mooney. Is this something you, the developers of this software is doing or is it something the developers of said addons are working on?


Of course if the GTN will be included in the cockpit of the addons my first question is moot.

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Thank you for your kind words!


When reading 'software being included' in third party aircrafts, this means they will specifically model the GTN in 3D in their cockpits, as well as provide the default settings, for having the GTN display and interact into the panel directly.


Out of the box, the GTN exposes a number of 'hooks' any third party vendor can use in order to control the GTN keys and knobs (X-Plane commands). It also exposes a number of 'data' to listen to the GTN (X-Plane datarefs).


The GTN also includes an extensive per-aircraft configuration system documented in the manual, which permits not only selecting the various features and modes (A/P link, Audio volume etc...) but also permits configuring any form of display.


This for example lets you configure the GTN, in the aircraft of your choice, for rendering into a popup window (default), the 2D panel and the 3D panel. You are not even limited in number of panels and can choose to display the same GTN in to different 3D panel locations for example!


As for the CDI, we use the X-Plane 'override' system. If you are not familiar with it, it is a feature provided by the SDK which lets third party plugins override X-Plane internal datarefs. This is how we manage to write the CDI deflection among other things.


In order for the GTN to display on the HSI for example, you have to make sure you have selected the correct options in the GTN menu, such as 'GPS -> HSI'. For the VOR1, you'd rather select 'GPS->VOR'. You have to make sure the GTN is also the 'master'.


The 'master' is the one which controls the autopilot system and feeds the HSI. We've designed the GTN to seamlessly integrate with other avionics, especially the default GPS. This gives you the latitude to have both the default and the GTN working at the same time, while ensuring via the 'master' which one of the two is in charge.


Also please note the GTN can be configured to be on the pilot or the copilot side. This is not related to the location where it displays on screen, it is related instead to which set of data it is feed from. In X-Plane, the two sides are separated and allows avionics on one side to receive its own side-related data.


Last but not least, the GTN is connected to the X-Plane 'failures'. Should you fail the GPS in X-Plane, ours will fail too!

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