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random oscillation between infinite visibility and foggy weather

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I'm pretty sure A16 is causing this, but I don't know how to fix it:
More often than once while flying, the weather changes rapidly. One moment, I can see the contours of distant mountains and the other everything is hazed up. This can happen between zero and any number of times within a flight and frankly, it kills the immersion.
The following images are taken within seconds of each other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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You are flying in and out of cloud?  AS16 has added a pretty nice visual of the crud flying past, it might be over doing it in this one specific case. Did you check the local conditions to see if it thinks you are within a broken or scattered layer?


By the way, HiFi has a very active and supportive forum. Any issues with their products really should be addressed there. If you find a problem, you want it discussed there and not here where HiFi is out of the loop.

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Thing is, I'm not entirely sure it's because of As16.

It just randomly changed from clear skies to fogged up and hazy in a matter of seconds and back to clear sky a little while later.

As if someone is radically turning on the 'visibility wheel'. While flying in a rather constant weather condition. No change in altitude.

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