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Flickering Effects in P3D v3

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I have used every Google search I can think of, but I can't find anything the completely describes the issue I'm having.  Every contrail or ground wash effect flickers, and that's with or without PricipitFX.  For a while, even lights would flicker (but that magically fixed itself).  I'm running P3D v3.4.9 with AS2016, ASCA, and FTX Global on a computer that's beefier than it needs to be for P3D.  I figured you guys might know what's going on, since this is pretty much right up your alley.  If it's already been answered, I'm sorry.  I looked for hours and couldn't find anything that looked relevant.  Partly because people don't know how to name support threads...

Things I have tried:
-disabling volumetric fog
-disabling/reducing AA (FXAA and MSAA)
-disabling/reducing Anisotropic Filtering
-disabling/reducing dynamic reflections
-reducing the effect quality
-disabling my shader tweaks
-not turning on AS2016
-reducing texture quality
-uninstalling/reinstalling PrecipitFX

My normal settings tend towards high or highest.  I do not use cfg edits, so that wouldn't be an issue.  Unless a cfg edit would fix this...

My computer:
i7 6700k @ 4.7GHz
2x GTX970
32GB DDR4 2666MHz
P3D is on an SSD

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It is a known SLI issue. Either disable SLI when using P3D or roll back to older drivers without the SLI issue. 

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Well, never thought of that.  I figured that since P3D isn't actually fullscreen, SLI wouldn't function anyway.  Disabling it fixed the problem, though, now I just hope P3D is CPU bound enough that it wont tank my performance to have SLI off. lol Cheers.

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