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  1. hawkeye2816

    Altitude Preselect and ADF Blank

    Just as the title says. The altitude/VS gauge and ADF gauge next to it are completely blank. No display. They seem functional, meaning I can still set a vertical speed (and presumably an altitude), but I can't actually see the numbers I'm selecting. I've tried redownloading/reinstalling the plane, so I know it's the latest version as of this post, and I'm running P3D v4 with the F1 GTN installed.
  2. hawkeye2816

    Running away..

    Sorry to bring back a necro, but the only way I've found to combat this is to pop it into beta for a second or two right as it starts up, then to idle. Nothing else seems to get it to do anything but take me on a half mile ride at 35 knots with the parking brakes on.
  3. hawkeye2816

    Autopilot mode

    The altitude hold mode captures your altitude when you hit the button. It's basically the same as is on most old Cessnas and Pipers. It's true to life, but woefully inadequate.
  4. hawkeye2816

    Attitude indicator

    And the tooltips are wrong. Push the switch to the forward position. Center is off.
  5. hawkeye2816


    After the 1.1 patch, I can't seem to get cabin pressurization to work. Searching around, it looks like the "pressurization dump" switch is in the "dump" position, but I can't change it. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. hawkeye2816

    Flickering Effects in P3D v3

    Well, never thought of that. I figured that since P3D isn't actually fullscreen, SLI wouldn't function anyway. Disabling it fixed the problem, though, now I just hope P3D is CPU bound enough that it wont tank my performance to have SLI off. lol Cheers.
  7. I have used every Google search I can think of, but I can't find anything the completely describes the issue I'm having. Every contrail or ground wash effect flickers, and that's with or without PricipitFX. For a while, even lights would flicker (but that magically fixed itself). I'm running P3D v3.4.9 with AS2016, ASCA, and FTX Global on a computer that's beefier than it needs to be for P3D. I figured you guys might know what's going on, since this is pretty much right up your alley. If it's already been answered, I'm sorry. I looked for hours and couldn't find anything that looked relevant. Partly because people don't know how to name support threads... Things I have tried: -disabling volumetric fog -disabling/reducing AA (FXAA and MSAA) -disabling/reducing Anisotropic Filtering -disabling/reducing dynamic reflections -reducing the effect quality -disabling my shader tweaks -not turning on AS2016 -reducing texture quality -uninstalling/reinstalling PrecipitFX My normal settings tend towards high or highest. I do not use cfg edits, so that wouldn't be an issue. Unless a cfg edit would fix this... My computer: i7 6700k @ 4.7GHz 2x GTX970 32GB DDR4 2666MHz P3D is on an SSD