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KSNA autogen weirdness

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The other day I decided to do a GA flight in SoCal, happen to pick KSNA, and

was annoyed to see houses or some kind of buildings scattered about the airport

landscape. I am using 3.4.14 but I can't say for sure that this wasn't there before

as I am not in the area that often. 


Can anyone else check if they see this or if something is corrupt with my system.

I actually uninstalled 3.1 and installed 3.4 from scratch. Any suggestions on what

to do about it?





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Had a quick fly around and don't see any floaters 

And what version are you using, and is it generic or do you have anything installed over it??


FYI, I COMPLETELY uninstalled the scenery thinking something got corrupted, then reinstalled it...

It made no difference, still buildings on the airport area, not only that but I think the ground textures were

the wrong type for the airport as well. SO, I figured ok, enough of this, and I again uninstalled the scenery, then

went into Program Data, made SURE all remnants of scenery were deleted. Finally, then installed my old

scenery which was, then restarting the sim, and sure enough, KSNA now is clean and looks

as it should.


So, there is something wrong with the scenery, of course I asked about this over on the P3D forum, and have

heard nothing but crickets.


I have been thinking about buying Orbx Global, I'm wondering if this scenery error would still occur, after all it

seems like an autogen/landclass error and not texture. Opinions??

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I have the updated ver of 3.4 with ORBX Global Base for that area  .... nothing else per scenery


Floating building have been a problem for a while .. there are post's on LM if you go back far enuff 

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