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4K TV -- Minimum Worthwhile Spec.?

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I'm having some difficulty sorting the wheat from the chaff on this subject.  I am contemplating going with a single ~43 inch 4K tv instead of three 24" 1ms 1080p monitors.  I am running a 4.5GHz (OC) 2500k cpu and GTX 1060 (3GB) gpu.  AND, I'm not terribly tech savvy -- thus my question.  Currently use FSX/Acceleration, but am likely to migrate to X-Plane 11 and/or P3D v3,4.


(Reasonable 4K TV spec):  What minimum, reasonable criteria should I assume in sourcing a TV?  Hz?  other??


I am hoping to not make another hardware purchase mistake!







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That 3GB GTX1060 video card could prove underwhelming with a 4K monitor...your current 3x1080p display requires pushing 6.22 megapixels per frame, and the 4K display will be 33% more than that (8.29 megapixels).  I am often over the 3GB mark in VRAM usage on my 4K monitor in P3D without any heavy AA (8x MSAA, no SGSS).  In FSX, the CPU will have to do the lion's share of the frame composition work, slowing things down considerably.  In P3D the GPU gets more of that workload, but the VRAM is likely to prove somewhat limiting, depending on what kind of graphics complexity you want to drive.


I wouldn't consider running a 4K display with 3GB of VRAM...4GB would be my minimum, 6GB is what I'd call "right-sized" for unrestricted use with 4K resolutions.  Honestly, a 21:9 2560x1080 widescreen would be a better match for your current CPU/GPU combo than 4K.



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