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The 8 Minute Freeze Issue

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I am hoping for some help having hit a brick wall with the infamous 8 minute freeze on FSX!


18 months ago I noticed I would get the 8 minute freeze, probably every 20-25 minutes of flying time... I noticed I didn't get this over the UK where I have VFR scenery so tried turning off Autogen which cured the problem.... I have done multiple mid haul flights, UK-Dubai, UK-Canaries, UK-Cape Verde etc without issue.


Last week I noticed it started to do it again... with no autogen at all on still so did more digging, I have done the Affinity Mask=14 fix in FS Config and this has improved thing (thought it had sorted the issue to be honest!) I flew from Southend to Palma to test and not one freeze, I did another test flight from Corfu to East Midlands and it was improved and seemed to be ok... until I got to the English Channel over 2 hours into the flight and had a freeze... it released after 8 minutes and flew on to EMA without incident (another 30 minutes plus).


I have only installed the update for iTunes in the past few weeks (could this cause an issue with FSX in conflict?)


The affinity has improved the issue since it arrived last weekend but is there any suggestion to be rid of this issue? Seen its been an issue ongoing for years! (would the Steam version fix this? although don't really want to go down that path ideally due to the finance and time spent building up what I have now!)


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am so frustrated with it and worried I will lose all the time and effort (and money) making my FSX how it is.


Kind Regards



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The AS16 manual suggests the AffinityMask tweak to fix the 8 minute freeze.  I have never used any tweaks whatsoever and have never had the 8 minute freeze and so has several thousand of other FSX users.  I know how frustrating it can be though.  I would move your fsx-se.cfg to a temporary folder or rename it to, restart FSX-SE and let the config be rebuilt.  Perhaps you have a parameter that got out of line.  Some people move the texturemaxload= setting to something way out of sight (above 120) and that could be the problem.  It's just an example of "tweaks" members make to the configs which worked great for a few weeks and then you started seeing crashes and you forgot about all of the things you did to your config.  Rebuilding the fsx.cfg is the number one fix for all freezes/crashes.


Best regards,


I would also suggest checking out the AVSIM CTD Guide where it has suggestions for fixing freezes.  The suggestions worked for many others (but one suggestion did not work for all).

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Thanks Jim for your time, I will have a wiz through and see if I can find a working tweak! Hopefully I can eradicate it!

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