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P3D in a multivisual system problems

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Good at all!

I would like to bring to the attention of my problem.

I have an md80 cockpit system with a 210° visual with 3 OptomaGT720 projectors.

My system consists of:


1 pc server:

I7 2700k OC 4.2 8GB HT ON

ATI RADEON EDITION 6 + 7 monitors

Samsung SSD 840 EVO 125GB (win7 64bit + P3D)

WIN 7 64bit

Setup: P3D 3.4 settings to a minimum + only CAD files airports.


1 client pc:

I7 3770K OC 4.2 HT ON



Samsung SSD 840 EVO 125GB (win7 64bit + P3D)

HDD 7200rpm Seagate 1TB (addon sceneries)

Setup: P3D 3.4 photoreal sceneries addons + REX4


for client/server synchronization i use OpusFSI for the position and the weather / time via LAN.

Everything was synchronized to perfection, there are no lag between the two systems

and the server is very smooth wth no stutters (minimum setup and only cad files).


Now the problem:


the client pc in any setting test is more less stutter, but is not a continuous stutter but stop in sequence on a few micro seconds.

When there is no micropause the frames ranging very high without any problems and is very smooth.

The micropause is more or less markedand not constantly.


At first I tried with a clean p3d.cfg,

then try before with various affinity mask reccomende by 244 or 254 248 and 84-85 (strangely what seems the most performant is 84!)

Different test also for the fps block to 30 / 60 or unlimited (with vsync there is a problem of vertical syncronitation and is preferable to set off).

I tried also to set and adaptive vsync in nvidia control panel but with no result.


The visual are in surround mode with 3 disanchor views resolution 4800x1200 at 60Hz.

i have another service monitor 1280x1024 at 64hz.


I read also that probaly is a vsync sincronization around the visual but i dont know if need a special system configuration. 


Hope somebody can help me because the flight become very frustrating.


Many thanks


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Suggestions for PC lag for no explicable reason... I would start with:


1. Heat related issues?


2. virus?

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Hi Dave,

thanks for your help.

no healt and no virus.


In any case i clean all pc and put again win7 64bit with vanilla p3d.

In one monitor very smooth, HT=ON AMask=85 or 254 and 30fps.


The problem now is when i undock 3 views for my visual system (3 projectors and 220°)

the 2 lateral views left and right tend to slowly microstutters, or pause.


the service monitor and 3 projectors are 60Herz.

Vsync in ON is pejorative.




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I assumed from your explanation that the client PC had been working properly (no lag), and at some future point the problem started.  Can you verify this?


With each 2D panel that is opened you will decrease your frame rates, and visually this can be construed/appear to be lag.  The more open 2D panels, the greater the decrease in frame rates.  For this reason, many cockpit builders use panel software rather than undocking panels.


Regarding the virus check, I'd strongly recommend you download that use a tool such as Norton's Power Eraser (check with your Antivirus developer to see if they have a similiar tool, or you can use Norton's for free. Afterwards I would run a deep level scan with a complete security suite (rather than just an Antivirus).  You might also consider using SpyBot (freeware), which checks for things that most Security Suites don't check for.   All of this is something most people only do a cursory check when they're looking to see if they have MALWARE, but I recommend going the full distance on this on all your systems.

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thanks Dave for your precious info.

im sure 100% no antivirus adnd malware.


About 3d with undocked i mantain every 30fps stable no problems,

do you know what software panel need instead disancor views?




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