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Several problems / bugs?!

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Hi together,


before I write directly to Carenado, I't like to post some problems that I have with the C208Ex here first:


- Customization of the map (for example "TRACK UP") doesn't work because the cursor at the "popup list" in the "Map setup" menu is stuck at "North up". Using the inner knob of the FMS rotary switch navigates between the options "HDG up, TRACK up,....", but only for a split second and then it moves back to "NORTH up". It happens in the VC mode and also in the popup display. The knowledge base at Carenado's website doesn't help at all because it only describes how it would work if the switch wasn't faulty. But obviously it is.


- The Autopilot and Yaw Damper switch both don't react to mouse clicks, neither in the VC nor in the popup window. They can only be handled with keyboard or joystick commands.


- Hardly any rotary switch in the G1000 works reliably!! There are only very small areas that react to the mouse wheel or mouse click commands, the illuminated circles around these knobs when you hold the mouse above them have nothing to do with the actual reaction of the mouse commands. I thought that was exactly what they should indicate?! What's more, I thought Carenado advertises with an improved G1000 functionality because of the problems in the previous versions??? What was improved there if it still works like that?????


- The engine starts when it wants to start. But most of the time it dosn't! For example: when loading a default plane, then choosing the C208Ex in the "Cold & dark" mode and doing the startup procedures as discribed, you can't start the engine. The condition lever can be moved but it doesn't ignite. Only doing that with the configuration manager (switching it to "Ready to taxi") starts the engines in that case - which is nonsense because it this case you don't need any start procedures at all and also no cold and dark option.

After flying around a bit and stopping the engine afterwards it works if you start the engine immediately after having stopped it. I never had that problem with the "old" C208B before.

And yes: both fuel tank selectors are selected on, the fuel shutoff valve is fully in, the emergency power lever is down and the ignition switch is on I don't think it's a pilot error this time ;-)


- Could you tell me why the passenger door, the cargo doors and the Copilot door can't be opened anymore as soon as you add a livery????? :fool: (really no tweak other than adding a [fltsim.X] line to the aifcraft.cfg!)



Regards, Dominik

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Having flown the Caravan EX for several hundred hours I don't recognise any of these issues.


But from the last line it seems you've messed up your aircraft.cfg somehow...

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