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  1. yeah, though that problem of the bulk of uploads getting approved but not recommended is relatively new (used to be once in a blue monday, now it's every other or worse). And I know what you mean by not finding everything easily. I've been working for weeks on KAGS and KUES (which are regional US fields) and still finding things to tweak. Decided to upload them and just submit incremental small updates over time as by now what I find are just very small cosmetic flaws like a taxiline being ever so slightly misaligned.
  2. I know, a lot of them were from me, lol. There's something weird though lately. Partial approvals for uploads (approved but not recommended for inclusion). And it's happening to more than half the uploads it seems.
  3. we don't know. There was a scenery cut in 12.06 but it was made half a year prior to the release of 12.06. So it's quite possible that if 12.08 gets another cut it'll not contain anything submitted after say May or June 2023.
  4. no you shouldn't. There is a fixed version of the airport on the gateway, made by me 2 months ago. You can download it or wait until it is included in a new version of XP (no clue when they'll make another scenery cut, may be several months from now).
  5. It was inevitable given the EU's insane "net zero" agenda. UK has already announced plans to ban ALL aviation around 2040. Netherlands are planning to ban ALL aviation except intercontinental flights (no date given, but suggested it'll be very soon). Of course both will exclude government aircraft and corporate jets from "essential people" from those bans, only the plebs shall be limited in their freedom to travel.
  6. I've been using XP for 6 years, and MSFS in various versions for 17 years before that. I never used the cabin views in all that time. Didn't even know the IXEG had one...
  7. ah, the good old RFP. So many hours in that one, nights of sitting in the glow of my computer screens reprogramming the CIVA during another oceanic crossing
  8. let's see what they release. I'm not too happy with the extensive attention to the cabin interior, makes me wary of why they didn't mention other things more important to aircraft operation like flight dynamics and systems.
  9. I never regretted buying the DA62 several years ago, and I fly it quite a bit. It's a tad modern for my taste (I like steam gauges with a GNS for navigation better), but it's the light twin that gets the job done for me doing long tours (around the world, or north cape to cape town like I'm flying now). There's no room in my hangar for both the 42 and the 62, and I'm happy enough with the 62 that I see no need to replace it.
  10. very few aircraft are certified for using reversers to push back. Some DC9 and 727 variants were I think about the last. And even fewer airports allow(ed) it because of the noise.
  11. it is correct. Their main data provider went commercial. Now, if you aren't paying you get a mere trickle of flights, and after about 10 minutes even that stops.
  12. the plugin is free, the accounts you need with various ADSB and other providers of the traffic information are NOT free.
  13. the purchases should be there in your XBox games account, but you may have to manually move them into the steam version.
  14. "Right now the best option I can suggest is signing onto the XP12 beta, that seems very late in going gold" 12.04 went gold yesterday 🙂
  15. At the org store, the FlightFactor 757 and 767 base packages are both 30% off now, probably just for this week. That's a massive saving on 2 very good X-Plane airliners (LevelD 767 quality systems modeling, way better graphics).
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