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  1. it is correct. Their main data provider went commercial. Now, if you aren't paying you get a mere trickle of flights, and after about 10 minutes even that stops.
  2. the plugin is free, the accounts you need with various ADSB and other providers of the traffic information are NOT free.
  3. the purchases should be there in your XBox games account, but you may have to manually move them into the steam version.
  4. "Right now the best option I can suggest is signing onto the XP12 beta, that seems very late in going gold" 12.04 went gold yesterday 🙂
  5. At the org store, the FlightFactor 757 and 767 base packages are both 30% off now, probably just for this week. That's a massive saving on 2 very good X-Plane airliners (LevelD 767 quality systems modeling, way better graphics).
  6. He seems like a nice guy (been following his channel for a year or so) but not the smartest when it comes to financial decisions. I consider him the Tyler Hoover (from Hoovy's Garage, the car channel) of aviation. Buys (usually) borderline wrecks that'll burn badly into his finances while making/keeping them work, then flipping them at a loss because that's what the audience likes watching and brings in the advertising money from youtube. He seriously thought from what I saw in one of his videos that he would be able to get the Jetstar airworthy again, and a lot of his audience agreed apparently. Another youtuber was also going to bid on it and thought the same thing, but didn't have the budget to get in a bid. Any expert of course would have taken one glance at the pile of garbage sitting out there in that desert and decided in an instant it'd never be more than a static museum piece. It's too far gone, too many missing parts and pieces. There are no more engines left (apart from a set in a museum, and they're not going to part with them). And of course the manufacturing of spares isn't going to provide FAA approved parts so it'll never be certified for commercial operations even if you manage to hand build everything you need, making it pointless as you won't be able to recoup the cost of the restoration by offering rides at a price.
  7. This happened a long time ago, I think during the days of FS2004. One day a new product was released to the stores, and shortly after the old product stopped working without warning, no discount offered.
  8. I stopped spending on AS when they for the umpteenths time forced everyone to buy it again by changing the hardcoded URLs of their weather servers in order to disable all existing installations. Not sure if they still do that, but definitely was a thing years ago.
  9. thank you Bob. I've been an XP only flyer since 2016 when I saw Austin and some others doing a presentation of XP11 during a launch event. Never looked back. Doesn't mean I don't see the merits in other sims, I just don't need them. XP isn't perfect, get over it. Life isn't perfect. Every piece of software out there has minimum hardware specs required to use it. If you don't meet those specs, don't expect it to work, and be happy if it works at all even if it's in a far from optimal way. You were warned after all. And that includes large corporate software. I still remember the $100k+ database server the company I worked for going down because it ran out of diskspace. Same thing happened again with another database server at another customer, this one worth millions of dollars, several years later. Both cases the initial response was anger that the expensive system had failed, later turning into embarrassment when people realised it was their own bloody fault for not watching the disks and ensuring they had enough space to keep going.
  10. Well said. If so many people weren't thieves, stealing software the sale of which feeds people (and many of them don't make a very high paycheck...) there'd be no need for repeated license verification. Be happy you can download the software at all, and it's not all online. That's the going trend, and MMOs are largely there already. All the business logic is performed on a server, and only paying customers have access to it. In flightsim scenarios, you'd send your control inputs and button/switch actions to a remote server, which then sends back the response of the aircraft and its instruments. No internet connection and no paid subscription to the service, no flight sim. Expect that to be the future if people don't stop stealing software and then calling the creators of that software evil and greedy for not making it all for free and living in a homeless shelter because they couldn't pay the rent on their apartment or their supermarket bills.
  11. light aircraft in general tend not to have active nosewheel steering because they don't need it. Larger aircraft, especially modern ones, do have active nosewheel steering.
  12. Turn off aircraft shadows. It's a well known glitch.
  13. Anything A2A, Connie is good, finally a quality propliner that looks good (I find the 377 fuggly). Would have prefered an A2A light twin, can hope they'll do one of those in the near future...
  14. Having flown the Caravan EX for several hundred hours I don't recognise any of these issues. But from the last line it seems you've messed up your aircraft.cfg somehow...
  15. Tends to depend on the specific aircraft and where you are. Sometimes one end up cheaper, sometimes the other.
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