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  1. Well said. If so many people weren't thieves, stealing software the sale of which feeds people (and many of them don't make a very high paycheck...) there'd be no need for repeated license verification. Be happy you can download the software at all, and it's not all online. That's the going trend, and MMOs are largely there already. All the business logic is performed on a server, and only paying customers have access to it. In flightsim scenarios, you'd send your control inputs and button/switch actions to a remote server, which then sends back the response of the aircraft and its instruments. No internet connection and no paid subscription to the service, no flight sim. Expect that to be the future if people don't stop stealing software and then calling the creators of that software evil and greedy for not making it all for free and living in a homeless shelter because they couldn't pay the rent on their apartment or their supermarket bills.
  2. light aircraft in general tend not to have active nosewheel steering because they don't need it. Larger aircraft, especially modern ones, do have active nosewheel steering.
  3. Turn off aircraft shadows. It's a well known glitch.
  4. Anything A2A, Connie is good, finally a quality propliner that looks good (I find the 377 fuggly). Would have prefered an A2A light twin, can hope they'll do one of those in the near future...
  5. Having flown the Caravan EX for several hundred hours I don't recognise any of these issues. But from the last line it seems you've messed up your aircraft.cfg somehow...
  6. Tends to depend on the specific aircraft and where you are. Sometimes one end up cheaper, sometimes the other.
  7. Of course he was grilled, that's the investigation board's job. But they were not out to, as the movie suggests, make a scapegoat out of him for losing the aircraft. They were not doing everything in their power and then some to pin the accident on "pilot error". That pilot error was considered, and investigated, as a possible cause was normal, it's always an option and always has to be taken seriously. But they found, and admitted, that it was not the case, that in fact the crew had acted admirably and made the best of a very bad situation.
  8. Of course that can happen. If a scenery designer decides to not include his own textures but rely on the stock ones instead, the REX textures will show up instead. Neither REX nor FSX can know that's not the intent of the scenery after all, all they know is that a texture with filename X and is being requested for display on object.Y or scenery tile Z. I've not seen it myself with any 3rd party payware scenery, but I guess it can happen. What I have seen (and this is logical) is that the lighting brightness of addon scenery is affected by what you set in the WWA manager. This makes perfect sense as that brightness is also controlled by a single default texture which WWA replaces. Maybe not all addon airports work that way but all I have do.
  9. don.t worry. By the time you read this the discount has long ended. It lasted only a few hours at www.a2asimulations.com A2A don't do a lot of discounts, and when they do it's only for a few hours at a time, often unannounced.
  10. I'm doing well, just with my chronic sleeping disorder (narcolepsy) I need to keep a pretty stable sleep rhythm as well as I can. Doing that, plus medication, it's pretty well controlled. But it does mean no all night FS sessions.
  11. yup, bring it back to the bare basics, where it started all those years ago. As ever more rules crept in, people got ever more frustrated and stopped enjoying it. In an already declining hobby (in number of people total) that's not a good thing. I'd not say anything subsonic, but anything with SOLELY turboprop or reciprocating engines that was produced in series production, and for which an addon is publicly available as freeware (if so, using a payware addon for the same aircraft type is ok too). The main contention as I remember was always about people flying hybrid jet/turboprop prototypes like the Thunderscreech. Set a few rules, like no midair refueling, every continent has to be visited (set one city slab in the middle of each continent that is required to enforce this and ensure there's no discussion about whether some tiny island 500nm off shore counts as having visited the continent), and fly in real time only. Well written, limited, simple to understand rules are what makes or breaks an event like this. Have an executive committee in place to handles complaints and violations, with members from each team as members to guarantee impartiality. I probably won't have the time to participate seriously, more's the pity. Busy job, long commute, and medical conditions that preclude me pulling all nighters make flying a lot an impossibility. But I'm willing to lend a hand in organisation, route pre-planning, and maybe hop in for a leg or two when I can.
  12. Better late than never, and for reference: - press alt hold (might not be needed) - set altitude to fly to - press v/s - set desired vertical speed it should now capture.
  13. And keep in mind that airports can also close. For example SEQU (old Quito) was closed when SEQM (new Quito) was opened. SEQU is in the default FSX, SEQM is not. In current navdata SEQU of course does not exist, SEQM does.
  14. simconnect, fsuipc, and/or video drivers are usually to blame for graphics problems.
  15. a higher spec videocard and/or RAM aren't that expensive and could help, but you should be fine though you might have to turn down some settings from the highest values.
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