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  1. Hi @PilotBobUK. I don't think there is a solution for our home based sims. There are a lot of factors working against that solution. Control throw, stiffening with speed, seat of our pants, relatively inexpensive hardware controls, etc. Using the sensitivity curves provided (changing small increments each time) I am able to have a particular aircraft model approximate what I see happen when moving a control surface.
  2. This is a completely reasonable position. There was no issue IF the user was a regular visitor to the XP forums or the HiFi website. It does seem a significant number of users were neither of these. Perhaps an e-mail to the HiFi (XP) user base would have been appropriate. I don't know if that is even possible at your end. Other developers have done this. The latest update is very good. Thank you! Finally able to "fly" without rain (unless it's really there).
  3. A bit confused. A normal state according to my wife. I have both the Turbo Arrow and the Dutchess updated for XP12. Yet JF advises they are working on updates for all of the Pipers. So, who is responsible for the "updates' we now have?
  4. The A2A Comanche is very tempting. The issue holding me back is my other (limited) experience with MSFS payware aircraft. JF Turbo Arrow, C414 and PDGM. I'll leave PDGM out of this discussion because I'm satisfied with the systems model. I never piloted an airliner, so FM wise I wouldn't know. My opinion of the JF Turbo Arrow model is pretty low FM and systems wise. Having flown a real (normally aspirated) Arrow during CPL training, the JF model for MSFS is way off the mark. The C414 is a bit more fun and except for the fact that you can do just about everything wrong and it doesn't matter, I do enjoy it. Full disclosure - I spend most of my sim time in XP. But if this A2A thing is as good as some folks are saying I can see using it A LOT.
  5. I agree with @jarmstro. Everything important - flight model, systems - is built "outside" of Asobo (my limited understanding of modeling prevents a better description 😁). And it shows. None of the payware I've purchased so far - except for PMDG (and that's a different animal) comes close to this. To the point I don't really enjoy "flying" them.
  6. I wasn't intending to supply "information". I definitely could have phrased my query better in regards to the flight model part though. Still stand by it as a legitimate question. And thanks very much @JustFlightScott for your reply!
  7. How can a question be completely false? @UrgentSiesta did provide an answer to the flight model query (thanks). I will wait for a clarification from JF on whether the FM can/will be upgraded to the MSFS2024 model. Although I enjoy MSFS2020 right now and have the JF TurboArrow, PDGM and C414, I think the flight models could use much improvement.
  8. Yep, and that is the reason I'm not pulling the trigger on this one.
  9. This may have been addressed previously, but has JF indicated whether this model will be a free upgrade when MSFS2024 is released? $70 is a lot. And it seems that MSFS2024 will require a lot of re-working flight model-wise for MSFS2020 aircraft. At least in this price category. They have not yet updated the Arrow for XP12.
  10. I have to revise the above statement. The menu button does work but does not have all the RL menu functions. The models 430/530/1000 that LR uses are quite old. Perhaps we will get a better (newer) G1000 from a new dev.
  11. The menu button does work in XP. I promise. Just used it while trying to figure out your issue. And I think I said exactly what @Dirk.M advised. Only he was much clearer...LOL! I'm a lousy explainer!
  12. Yes. And as best as I can remember using the 530 in the sim is the same as using the 430 in RL. I can edit a flight plan. Insert and/or clear a waypoint. Change an arrival or approach.
  13. The best. Flew there often. A great place even if it got a bit crowded "in season". Also flew there in the winter. There were two places (maybe just one) open to eat. No crowds 😂
  14. No, I was speaking of my RL experience in that area, that's all. I did try but could not replicate your issue on my end. I think I understood what you were describing but I may have got it wrong.
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