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Screenshots - What is new in 1.2

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AI and multiplayer aircraft can be seen on the map now.

Tooltips show information about these guys and if you click on them you can see more details in the "Simulator Aircraft" dock window. You can also see departure and destination for AI and multiplayer aircraft. If you click on the blue links the map will jump directly to one of the airport (PHNL and CYVR below). The size of AI and user aircraft is  configurable.


Wingspan is also shown. This will get more interesting below.


The small yellow one in the crowd: That's you.





AI on the ground shows only up when zooming closer. Looks a bit like an anthill.





Now we get closer into that anthill. The labels are configurable. If you don't like them switch them off.


Note that multiplayer traffic will be shown the same way.


Another neat feature is that all the aircraft are drawn to scale at this zoom level. You noticed the different wingspans below, right?


That applies to the user aircraft too, so you can easily check if your big C-47 fits into that small parking spot at the little airfield.





Weather is now displayed in decoded format and can be fetched from the flight simulator directly. "Station Weather" if from flight simulator. The other two are online sources that were already available in version 1.0.




A dark mode for all the night owls and freight haulers. You can also notice the active flight plan segment highlighted and the top of descent indication on the elevation profile (it is also shown on the map and configurable).



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Configuration options:



You can print the map, flight plan, departure/destination, airport, runways, weather:



Route descriptions from RouteFinder or other sources can be converted into a flight and and vice versa now.


More information in the manual.



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In version 1.2.2 beta: You can now jump to the BGL files directly.

All BGL files that make up an airport are now shown. Stock, add-on or navdata updates. This can help to identify problems in the simulator like scenery ordering and more.



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