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Fire on Engine 1

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This evening flying with IVAO I landed at EDDH and when on the taxyway engine 1 suddenly went on fire.


Such a burning engine is a very nice animated view implemented by Majestic and also the crackling noise one hears is nice too. That is the reason for posting it here and thanking Majestic for this gimmik. Wish I would be able to post the screen shots as well.


Anyway, I thought that I disabled the failure feature so I was taken by surprise. I will check that tomorrow whether I really did it or just wanted to do it :fool:



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Hi Jürgen


Did you get fire warning indications when the fire commenced.....or did you just happen to have a look at the aircraft externally and see the engine on fire?

It is very possible that you could have disabled the "WearOffFactor" feature, but may have experienced an oddity which ever so often may be triggered by the way the aircraft may have been initially loaded, or a multiplayer configuration, etc.  Unfortunately, at this time not knowing the conditions that could have triggered the abnormality, it would be best to reload the aircraft.....this does not always work, but if you save the situation and then reload it, the issue may go away.

If your "WearOffFactor" is still enabled then this is very probable and on e would/should follow the abnormal procedures provided.


Keep us posted, and if this becomes a problem please use our Official Majestic Software forum to report the problem as you will get a quicker response there.


Cheers & Thank you

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Yes, the fire warnings went on and then after I stopped the fuel supply I took a look at the aircraft externally. That fire was very nice to look at and I enjoyed it, so nothing to complaint. Quite the opposite.


Today I just had time for a test flight and everything was ok, no fire or any other malfunction. Regarding my settings I have to look again into the manual and my own settings, did not have the time yet and I forgot what I did or what I should have done.


It was a nice divertion from the usual routine also for the ATC manning the tower as he had to divert traffic since I blocked the way. He also called the fire brigade as well as ambulances but I did not see them ....... :Devil:

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