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  1. I am using the EGLL scenery for V5 from Simwings/Aerosoft and I am very pleased with it. However, it is a very demanding scenery and I also use it to test my system how far I can increase my settings until the memory error comes up. Fps is excellent but memory …….. With very high settings and using GSX2 it only takes a few seconds to crash P3Dv5.
  2. My EGLL is for v5 and that is the airport where the DGXI error comes within seconds. Of course I can not vouch that the developers did a good job on it 😖
  3. The extreme long loading time annoyed me as well. To overcome this when flying IVAO I reduced the number of planes by placing only the Boeing and Airbus aircraft which I normally see in the airports I am usually flying. When not flying IVAO and especially when "just" testing the installation after I have made changes, I renamed that IVAO_MTL folder into IVAO_MTLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to speed up matters. I know that this is only bypassing this bug or feature(?) and will leave it for the developers to solve the problem. For the many empty folders P3D creates I will keep an eye on it
  4. No, it is the Aerosoft 320 and I know that also this bird is not updated for v5 yet. However, it appears that this DXGI_Error is not related to incompatible aircraft as it also happens with stock aircraft and with my Q400. A demanding airport like EGLL or EDFF helps to trigger this bug.
  5. It appears that I am wrong. Just now at EGLL playing with GSX2 and ActiveSky I received this error message again. A few minutes later I tried again but this time without ActiveSky and it happened only after a few minutes.All my graphic settings are one notch below maximum but when it happened first my settings were as "virgin" as selected by P3D when doing the installation. Its is a pity that the GPU-Meter on the right side of the screen does only shows the present memory usage. It was around 2.5GB when the message appeared. Screenshot: http://fam-martens.de/PC/P3D.jpg
  6. Apart from a flickering notification line and a popup "P3D Connector Notification: Cloud density is not set to maximum .........." (although it is actually set to maximum) asp3d seems to work fine.
  7. Since I installed Nvidias latest "Studio Driver" this error did not happen again and I did many flights with the sim the last days. Even I increased all my graphic settings again, used GSX2 a lot and touch wood, the sim behaved. Seems that this error is caused by the latest Nvidia drivers - at least for me.
  8. And male sure FSUIPC is running (I had the same problem until I reinstalled FSUIPC which got damaged in a Memory Crash)
  9. Since I did not want to fiddle with my registry in order to correct mistakes possibly done by LM and/or Nvidia, I decided to go back to one of the old drivers as I never experienced this error before. However, when looking for an older driver at Nvidia I saw their "Studio Driver" (don't ask me for the difference as compared to their WHQL drivers). Anyway, I downloaded and installed it (as a new installation as usual) replacing the previous 445.87 WHQ. Then I did the same flight as yesterday evening when that error occurred (LSZH->EDDH, IVAO, p3d5 HF1, 1080). Gladly enough, nothing happened, all went very well. I know that just having once the "same" flight does not mean too much but I am encouraged to continue using this "Studio Driver" and see what happens.
  10. I just had this a few minutes ago when parking at the gate in EDDH with my 1080, latest Nvidia driver and P3Dv5 HF1. No ATC but IVAO online flight
  11. I found this: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/cant-stop-rivatuner-from-running.395952/ Perhaps it works with you as well
  12. The site says " This Site Is Under Construction " so perhaps you have to be a bit patient .... And after trying to log in it says: "It looks like you're returning from the old site. Reset your password here." After this I entered my email and then received a "Server Error"
  13. Of course I believe you. However, fact is that the thread opener #MAHLER is obviously referring to the old version as he is using P3D v3.4 (unless that is a typing error). Fact is also, that my 64 bit Aerosoft airbusses behave properly in my P3D. It appears that only very few people experience that oscillating problem.
  14. I fully agree with you. That means we should be aware that we are talking about an old aircraft on the old P3D!
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