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  1. If you are under Linux never take a graphic card from AMD. Up til now I can not use the ToLiss A321 with XP12.
  2. After only using XP under Linux for some time and still being annoyed with the da........ed flickering when using my favourite ToLiss A321 I reactivated my W10 partition where also P3Dv5 and MSFS are resting since ages and installed XP12. It works fine, including the ToLiss A321 and even PetterPushback (which still does not funtion with me using XP12 under Linux). So far I only noticed that under W10 XP12 only has less than half of the fps as under Linux (with the same graphic settings). When at a busy airport and heavy traffic I was once disconnected from VATSIM because the fps was even under 20. For several reasons I do not want to stay with Windows and certainly have no intentions to "upgrade" to Windows 11 on one hand but I enjoyed the flickerfree A321 and I am sure I can increase fps by lowering the graphic settings. On the other hand I enjoy the fantastic speed and ease of Linux as well as the freedom of not being constantly monitored by MS and others. Instead of buying an expensive graphic card from Nvidia or switching back to Windows I decided to wait until the driver problems are sorted out by whoever is responsible and use XP12 on both platforms depending how I just feel. PS Hardware: Ryzen 5900X RX 6900 XT, 32GB RAM
  3. Understood. It appears that ToLiss is also aware of it and they are baffled too how possibly a plugin can affect the FMS of their bird in XP12 whereas XP11 is working fine.
  4. Linux Mint and LNM 2.8.4 with the XPconnect version provided with 2.8.4
  5. Still problems with other plugins under XP12. For example for ToLiss A321 it alters the COM-Display (huge decimal point) and makes the FMS unusable. No idea whether it is a ToLiss or a LNM problem.
  6. Still they (LR or AMD) have not fixted the huge problems with AMD cards under Linux. Apparently this is not on their priority list 🤢
  7. How about fixing the big problem with AMD graphic cards under Linux?
  8. Correct. But what shall I do if I have no XP11 installed on my main flightsim PC? The annoying point (at least for me) is that all these problems apparently only exists in the Linux version with non-Intel or non-Nvidia hardware and LR seems not to care too much. For very good reasons (again in my humble opinion) I simply do not want MS or Apple and those hardware. That is why I bought XP for Linux.
  9. Even under b6 I can not use my Toliss A321 at all because of the constant flickering of all display panels. (Linux Mint, Ryzen 5900X RX 6900 XT)
  10. And I am still p****ed because even with b6 I can not use my Toliss A321 due to the badly flickering display panels. (Linux Mint, Ryzen 5900X RX 6900 XT)
  11. Well, XP12 on my "regular" flightsimulation PC (on a Linux Mint partition, Ryzen 9 5900X, RX 6900 XT) is a desaster when it comes to Toliss A321. Permanent CTD or if finally succeding to load the bird, only flickering of all panels
  12. My upgrade of the ToLiss A321 (version 1.4) does not work on my XP12. It is just causing a CTD. 😟 I am using Linux Mint.
  13. Now after about 4 months of using XP11 and Linux it is perhaps time to run some sort of conclusion about my different flight simulators: In my 2nd home in Switzerland I run my "old" flight sim desktop, now with Linux Mint and XP11. Before, that PC was used as my regular flightsim PC with Win10 and P3Dv5. I must admit that I enjoy more and more this setup, especially the ToLiss A321 and the free PushBack. Despite the outdated hardware it is very stable, fulfills my needs and works well on IVAO and VATSIM. At my home in Germany I have the "main" flightsim PC (Win 10) with the latest hardware and with P3Dv5 as well as MSFS2020 installed. Virtually I only use P3Dv5 although I like the eye candy of MSFS2020. But I can not get warm with it, no way to do a "serious" online flight with an airline and proper flight planning and all that what goes with it. For me MSFS2020 is only good to have a visual flight around the neighbourhood and enjoy the details of my countryside. So virtually only P3Dv5 is left for "serious simming" and I catch myself comparing it with my XP11 installation in Switzerland. P3Dv5 now works flawless for me and I am familar with the 3 aircraft I mainly fly (Aerosft A320, Flightsim Lab A320, as well as the Majestic Dash8). But I miss a bit the excitement of XP11, P3Dv5 is just there, works fine and acts a bit like an old friend that perhaps is a bit boring but nice to have around. Lately I have started to think/dream about XP12 and converting my main flightsim PC to Linux and XP12 or at least for the beginning, think about a dual system with Win10 and P3Dv5 like now and then Linux with XP12
  14. Finally I managed to install the DoubleCommander ....... and I suddenly remember why I dumped Linux some years ago namely because of all that "command line stuff" 😉. It really works like the Total Commander on my Win7 and WIN10 PCs. But certainly XP11 with the ToLiss A321 is running perfectly well on this "old" desktop, much better than expected and I am glad that I did kickout WIN10 and P3Dv5. Still have to get used to XP11 (even though I set the keyboard bindings to "FSX"), but all runs very smooth, even no problem when using IVAO and VATSIM. So far I never had a crash of XP11 or of Mint, all seems to be stable.
  15. I am running the 6900 XT with P3Dv5.3 and lately also with MS2020. It performs very well.
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