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  1. Yes, in principal I do agree with you Bob. But in my case it is a 1200W powersupply and I monitored the voltages as well as currents. All seems to be ok. I also suspected that "cold" temperatures of certain components might be responsible. So I will carry the PC in winter when it is creally old to the outside and see what happens there. It always happens after a new start of the PC and then applying full load, either by P3D or any programmes that do a stresstest on the system. As I said, after the (meanwhile expected) crash and consequent reboot everything is fine for hours as if nothing has happened. If I would have the possibility I would replace one component after the other until I find the culprit. Perhaps I should start playing lotto 😅
  2. And I am using the Philips 346B1C monitor 34" with a 3,440 by 1,440 native resolution since abot 6 months. See https://www.techradar.com/reviews/philips-346b1c for a review. I am very happy with it using it on the desktop solely intended for P3Dv5. The only thing I miss a bit is the fact that it does not have the 30Hz ability.
  3. Even with the latest BIOS recently installed that strange fault remains. My bypass strategy is to start the PC, running OCCT stresstest for a few seconds until the system reboots unceremounously. After that I load P3D and everything is ok for hours. However, it is itching me, I want to know what is going on and forget about my unprofessional bypass!
  4. Think I found it after looking at the English version of W10. Yes, it shows a graph with the critical events that occured during the last days. Unfortunately in my case it only says "Windows was not closed properly" (my translation) and under details "Das System wurde zuvor am ‎27.‎09.‎2021 um 13:58:48 unerwartet heruntergefahren." meaning that the system was unexpectedly closed at soandso time. This is what I had noticed earlier 😎 and does not help at all.😟
  5. Thanks for the reply Frank. However I have problems finding that section as I am using the German version of W10 which seems to be a bit different. Could you posssibly tell me the name of that .exe file involved? I am asking since the German version appears keeping the English names of exe and dll files.
  6. Hopefully I am correct in this CTD forum as my PC does not crash to desktop but rather shows the Blue Screen for a fraction of a second and then goes straight into a reboot. This is what happens: I start the PC which by the way is solely used for my P3D. As soon as P3D is fully loaded and ready to "fly", the PC without any warning re-boots and then enters into a different "login screen" showing a beach from inside a cave. From now on the PC behaves perfect without the slightest problem. The Event Viewer does not indicate any error apart from telling me that the system has restarted after closed unexpecteldy. A number of programmes I then installed to tell me more about this "Blues Screen of Death" also did not tell me anything. Apparently this error is going so fast that the system does not have the time to store any information into any dumpfile. At first I thought this has something to to with my P3D, as for example on a couple of occasions a GSX .ini was corrupted during the crash resultung in an error message when later re-starting P3D. So I installed other programmes that would test and stress the PC. Also they made my PC crash like P3D did. With OCCT v 9.1.2 it takes about 10 seconds in the test modes of CPU and Linmark. When just testing RAM memory or VRAM nothing happens and all is fine Also stressing the system with CPU-Z for example results in a re-boot but it takes some seconds longer. Since not having any dumpfiles available or any hints from the Event Viewer I am puzzled as to what happens in my desktop and I would appreciate help. My specs are as follows: Win 10 64 (up to date) MSI MPG X570 motherboard 32 GB RAM Corsair CMK32GX4M2E3200C16 RX 6900 XT 2TB Corsair MP600 Core
  7. That is the reason why I am considering the Rx6800XT with 16GB for my next P3D PC. However, I am not sure yet whether AMD card is a good idea for a PC solely to be used for P3D and in addition, they are very hard (expensive) to obtain at the moment here in Germany.
  8. Just tried it and at first glance it looks quite nice (it is a long time that in real time I have been at EDDT). However I had to reduce my settings as this scenery consumes much more graphic RAM than my EGLL scenery which so far was leading in RAM consumption.
  9. Will de-install 5.1 tomorrow after sleeping a night over it and revert back to 5.0 HF2 because latest after 15min there is a "silent" CTD caused by ucrtbase.dll. This has also been reported by others. Besides - I am not too much impressed by the performance so far (clouds still flickering, no improvement on graphic RAM, no Active Sky yet because of a P3D bug, etc)
  10. I am using the EGLL scenery for V5 from Simwings/Aerosoft and I am very pleased with it. However, it is a very demanding scenery and I also use it to test my system how far I can increase my settings until the memory error comes up. Fps is excellent but memory …….. With very high settings and using GSX2 it only takes a few seconds to crash P3Dv5.
  11. My EGLL is for v5 and that is the airport where the DGXI error comes within seconds. Of course I can not vouch that the developers did a good job on it 😖
  12. The extreme long loading time annoyed me as well. To overcome this when flying IVAO I reduced the number of planes by placing only the Boeing and Airbus aircraft which I normally see in the airports I am usually flying. When not flying IVAO and especially when "just" testing the installation after I have made changes, I renamed that IVAO_MTL folder into IVAO_MTLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to speed up matters. I know that this is only bypassing this bug or feature(?) and will leave it for the developers to solve the problem. For the many empty folders P3D creates I will keep an eye on it
  13. No, it is the Aerosoft 320 and I know that also this bird is not updated for v5 yet. However, it appears that this DXGI_Error is not related to incompatible aircraft as it also happens with stock aircraft and with my Q400. A demanding airport like EGLL or EDFF helps to trigger this bug.
  14. It appears that I am wrong. Just now at EGLL playing with GSX2 and ActiveSky I received this error message again. A few minutes later I tried again but this time without ActiveSky and it happened only after a few minutes.All my graphic settings are one notch below maximum but when it happened first my settings were as "virgin" as selected by P3D when doing the installation. Its is a pity that the GPU-Meter on the right side of the screen does only shows the present memory usage. It was around 2.5GB when the message appeared. Screenshot: http://fam-martens.de/PC/P3D.jpg
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