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  1. Hi! Use the time you need, it is well worth the wait for it 🙂
  2. That Looks amazing Ken! Look forward to getting it in the sim! Just let us all know when it is ready! It looks VERY good!
  3. I have tried lookup and searched google for a repaint of Everts Air Cargo Embraer 120, but can`t find anything Someone knows of one for the E120 out there? Or does someone planning/work on a repaint for it?
  4. Thank you for your effort! They are really good, and I guess they have added some new jets as well since your released the fleetpack! Keep up the good work!
  5. Thank you! Already knew about the ADAC one, but the latest they have D-CFCF, not in ADAC Colours 🙂 Otherwise the others is downloaded and installed now 🙂 Let`s hope for more European ones from you!!
  6. I do not know if it is a bug or not, but each time I lower the landing gear, I got the unsafe light and not three greens. What can be the issue, and how can I fix it?
  7. Very good!! They are stunning! Got èm all! Any chance of some European ones as well? Alot of them in Germany in fact! So I think alot of us would love some from Europe as well! Jet Executive, JEI (Registrations: D-CAPO, D-CCCA, D-CGRC and D-CDIM) Air Alliance, AYY (Registrations: D-CURT, D-CITY, D-CTRI, D-CFIV, D-CEXP, D-CTWO, D-CONE, D-CVFL, D-CYES and D-CTIL) ADAC, ADN, Registration D-CFCF It is allowed to hope for something from Germany and Europe soon! Keep up the good work!
  8. I request LN-HLM for the Carenado Phenom 300. It looks good, and it is operated by Sundt Air, and is the ONLY norwegian registered Phenom!
  9. Is there any config for the f1 GTN750/650 for the Carenado C208B Grand Caravan? (NOT the EX model) Not only RXP?
  10. Anyone knows a PFPX profile for the E120? Or any aircarft really similiar to it, in fuel usage and so on that can be used until a profile exists? Carenado have included the manuals for it, so it should be an easy fix to make a profile for it. I would have done if I knew how I can do it..
  11. Carenado has made all of the Phenom planes and Pilatus planes.. What will we all think If they did make a PC24, Phenom 500 and 450 as well? I would have LOVED it, specially the PC24.
  12. I request First Air new colours for Carenado ATR 42-500 And Summit Air ATR 72-500 for the ATR 72-500
  13. Plans to do Binter Canarias? The new colours with the stripes on the tail? Example the livery as EC-KSG is flying with, guess that is the new livery 🙂
  14. Even on a very short flight 45 minutes, and empty plane..it says I will exceed MTOW... So It is not useful for me at all, think it is weaird, a PRM1 can fly up to 3 hours with no problems..but only 45 minutes, it won`t let me calculate, even with NO RESERVES, it do not work, even on a 30 min flight it says I am exceeding MTOW..
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