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Hi people!

I'm new to this forum and simulator, and i'm having a huge issue.. Did a clean install according to instructions on my sons laptop. Only programs on the computer is Windows 10. AVG Anti virus program (Disabled) Everything else was deleted off this computer prior to instalation.


My problem is: When starting Prepar3D it starts and comes up with the initial start scene on the runway. After about 10 seconds the page goes black and i get the following message:

This device (AMD Radeon R3 Graphics) stopped working for the following reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE HUNG. Do you want to exit Prepar3D? He has not had any problems running Flight Simulator Steam on this computer.


Specs on laptop is: AMD A4-7210 APU, AMD Radeon R3 Graphics card, 1,80 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 64 bit


Getting frustrated here as i can not find any solution. Somebody out there that can help?


Best regards


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I don't like to pass on unpleasant news, but I imagine that GPU is not sufficient to run P3D.


It is integrated on the system board. Shares memory with system board. It has a slow clock speed.


Further, the CPU is also weak, in terms of running a flight sim; not enough memory and slow clock speed.


If you are getting this error with a fresh P3D install (new config file) other than assuring that you have the latest drivers installed, I don't know what else you could try.


Others here would know better, in terms of P3D's requirements. Perhaps they'll chime-in.

Richard Chafey


i7-8700K @4.9GHz - 32Gb @3200  - ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero - EVGA GTX1080Ti - CH Fighterstick - CH Pro Throttle CH Rudder pedals



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Have you tried getting the latest Windows 10 drivers for the AMD R3 and seeing if installing those helped?


The system specs are low, very low, so that is treading the threshold of a very non-friendly sim experience. 




"The AMD Radeon R3 is an integrated DirectX 12 graphics card found in some AMD APUs (for example, the A4-6210 or A4 Micro-6400T). It offers 128 shader cores across two Compute Units and is based on the GCN architecture. Clock speeds can be up to 350 MHz on a Mullins APU, 600 MHz on a Beema APU or 686 MHz on a Carrizo-L APU. The GPU does not have dedicated VRAM and will access the main system memory"


This is concerning as the laptop only has 4gb, a little over 1gb is taken by the OS, so you are already down to less than 3 gigs, then P3D uses some of that, and the graphics card has to pull from the remainder of whats left, and the min spec for P3D is 1gb of Dedicated VRAM so your already struggling an uphill climb...

Angelo Cosma
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 

Field Service Representative (SEA) ZSE ARTCC

Intel i7 6700K 4.8Ghz / ASUS ROG Maximus Hero VIII / 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Ram / EVGA 1080Ti FTW3/ Corsair H110i GTX EVGA 850 Watt Gold / Samsung 850 500gb SSD

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A. AMD Processor ( N.G. ) B. AMD Video ( N.G. ) C. Laptop computer ( N.G. ), D. 4 gig Ram ( Way Low ) E. Ram is Probably Shared By Video Card, and is Probably Why You are Getting the Error Message ( N.G. ) F. Processor Speed Slow ( N.G. ) . If You are Serious about Running P3D, You need to "Way" Up Grade Your Computer ( Check the Min Specs ) . When Upgrading, Pay Special Attention to Processor Speed, the faster the Processor, The Better it will run P3D ! Also, Defiantly go with an Intel ( Quad Core ) 4ghz Chip, or Better ! AMD anythings, really don't Cut it !! I am Looking forward to Replacing My AMD machine with at least an Intel i5 Quad Core 4 ghz Chip ! Its not that I Don't like AMD, I Own One, But They Seriously Under Perform, compared to Intel ! - And the Good News is ---------?? - Johnman B)

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Hi people!

I'm new to this forum and simulator, and i'm having a huge issue..

I've moved this post from the "Tips and Tricks" forum to the main P3D forum.


"Tips and Tricks" is for answers only. :wink:

Fr. Bill    

AOPA Member: 07141481 AARP Member: 3209010556

Interests: Gauge Programming - 3d Modeling for Milviz

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