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Proper Introduction

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Having been a avsim member for an awful long time it's about time I make a proper introduction.  I am a 24 year old Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major at Oklahoma State University and I got into flight simulation back when I was about 10-11 years old with Flight Simulator 2002.  I am currently doing the bulk of my simming in FSX but I also do a little bit in X-Plane 10, as FSX performs better on my laptop.  I do hope to build in nice high performance desktop after I graduate for FSX and X-Plane 11.  I mainly fly small aircraft (single and dual engine props) although I occasionally do play with some bigger jets (Qualitywings 757, Commercial Level MD-81/82/87 and Wilco Embraer E-jets V2).  I am here to mingle with the community and hopefully learn a thing or two. 

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Hello David,


I imagine the big man Jim Young will be along, but meanwhile, Welcome.


It is amazing that you did this at 10 or 11.


When I was that age we lived in a blustery area of Newfoundand where the wind screamed off the water all the time. I was obsessed with trying to design and build a huge glider type of kite made of plywood so we could get in and fly by having controlling and restraining ropes tied to the top of trees facing the prevailing winds. It had elements of an elevator, aerodynamic wings and frame, and a giant sling shot to it.


I made a cockpit panel out of plywood with red plastic dials and drawn on circular instruments. It would have seat me and all my friends, two, Rene and Paul. No girls cats or dogs allowed.


It never got beyond the final set of plans, a few pieces of wood and a large roll of rope. My dad, the local Parson, asked a few pointed questions, taIked separately to my friends who didn't lie as good as I did, and that was the end of that! I still think it would have taken us several hundred feet high where I could have made a something of a controlled descent.


We were going to wear big canvas pull over the head cork life jackets (used for fishing) to soften up any sudden landings if we fell out, or it crashed.


What could go wrong?


That is why I am an old man, stunted in mental and emotional growth that fly flight simulators!  :hi:  What will be your excuse someday?


l Hope all your other mingles are as good as this one!


Kind regards,

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