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Well Folks/ Simconnect

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Wells folks, it seems i have a problem that cannot be fixed , which is puzzleling to me when it was working so well 2 three weeks ago.

im really tired of simconnect, its not like FSUipc, that software works flawlesly.

I have been dealing with tjis issue for so long im about to give up net working AS12.  it should not be this diffucult to get iot back up.


i have done everything possible to get it to work. i have searched far and wide. i get differeht answers everytime.

all i want to do is run AS12 on another computer.


i have all the files in order i repeat i have all files in order, just ask me where and i will tell you.

I believe it has to do with this address situation . The XML file that belongs in the main app data folder of FSX.

i have fried all of you folks examples, local , Global etc. i have moved replaced , redone, reloaded.

is there anyone that can give me some kind of direction, and please dont send me to hi fi, i have read that document so much i know it by heart.

Somthing is not working, all folders are shared , I can do what ever i want as far as read and write between computers.


But there is one major confusion, where the sdks goes and whaty files , seems like no one can give me the correct sequence on how to load the sdks in order or out of order, I have a stack of downloaed articles on how too's, and im still at it.


im only running Steam , and then run FSX. SE, I have three monitors running and as i said FSUIPC works great. that is until Simconnect and AS12.


Both computers are freshly loaded and reday to go


Tell me please what im going wrong


I know some of this is second nature , but im not to bad either just tired and frustrated.


If no one bothers answering this post , i dont blame you, i would not reply  myself.


But if any of you good folks can lead me in the right direction Thx.


Oh and one other thing , how do you know if your port is open or not. 500, 1025, etc.


Thanks so much folks.......................RobertC

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