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T2G Mexico City city textures

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First: I am fully aware that it's been developed for FSX.


I did some research before buying for P3D and there didn't seem to be any problems other than missing runway lights at night which can be fixed. So I went for it since it's one amazing scenery. It works well except for the houses in the city. They are there but the textures don't show up and at night I only have some shimmering spots of red light on the ground between the street lights which do work. I had to add in manually to the Scenery Library, even the P3D sceneries from T2G like KSEA and KMCO are not added automatically. Not sure though if that's got anything to do with it.

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An old thread on T2G's forum has this as the solution:

I realize it says fly mex compatibility but should work without flymex,


I had an issue with MMMX Xtreme placing hills next to the airport where they do not belong,  The fix was

It says for UTX-CERRO fix, but I don't have UTX-CERRO in P3D, and it resolved the misplaced hills on my P3D MMMX Xtreme install.


If you haven't checked out their forum (although really inactive at present), here is the link:


Hope you get the issues resolved.  I really like MMMX Xtreme. 

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I copied the bgl files into the MMMX city scenery folder but it didn't work, textures are still missing.


Flew in to MMMX yesterday though and didn't really notice the missing textures on approach so it's not that big a deal.

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I had the same issue with OTHH, look if you have something like Prepard v2 folder above the Prepard v3 installed. If yes maybe there is a texture folder with textures of MMMX installed. I have copied the files of OTHH into the P3D V3 main texture folder and the city

had textures again. Maybe this is the case with MMMX too.

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look if you have something like Prepard v2 folder above the Prepard v3 installed.


what directory would that be? The only MMMX files are in the Addon Scenery folder.


I just took off from the airport and 5 mins into the flight my sim crashed after it had crashed for a first time during pre-flight. I think those bgl files from the flymexcompatibility folder caused the crashes.

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