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  1. Has anybody seen AI contrails with Active Sky? I'm using AIG and there are none but as soon I switch to another weather engine they are back.
  2. Absolutely, the FOV of the first Reverb was terrible small, my Odyssey is better. I had hoped for more than that, because they said no compromise, which it is in my opinion.
  3. Dont know if its a certain parameter, buts its gone...
  4. This effect is gone using Envshade...
  5. Today I installed the new Windows 10 2004, which should bring benefits regarding VRAM. For me its the total opposite, its gotten even worse in VR.
  6. I haven't seen any ai contrails so far but on the PMDG 747 they are there...
  7. Thats weird, I can use any 2D window without any problems just using the mouse as I would do when not in VR. I can drag resize and interact with FS2Crew in VR using the mouse pointer, I have not setup any hand controller. I'm using WMR however...
  8. Yep, same here...doesnt work. Its nice to have all these online dependent programs.
  9. I have a 777 Glareshield from Flightdeck Solutions which I dont need anymore, just in case...
  10. I just requested the refund, this is so bad in terms of VR, I maybe come back once all problems sorted out...
  11. So True Sky in VR is not working? This is a serious letdown, as those flat clouds are a immersion killer. They advertise it as "the feature" and then it doesnt work in VR, very disapointing. At leat the performance seems to make a leap...
  12. Sure thing is, that VR will have a bigger role in professional flight training in the near future. Its way more versatile and cost effective than todays training solutions. It can not replace level d training though. But even that might change in the more distant furture.
  13. Nice idea, if Asobo is hiring Virtual Flight Instructors, I will be the first in line...😉
  14. Yes, that was exactly the behaviour I've seen, but after I installed all again, in other words a nacked P3D with no addons, it was completely gone in darkness and never showed up anymore. Sorry to say, but this kind of stuff plus the daily crashes makes me wanna get rid of P3D sooner than later. But there is hope on the horizon.
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