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  1. Thats not my issue, as I don't want the FSLTL liveries but AIG. The AIG are already in the scan and shown in the sim when I run PSXT, but not the E190, thats my problem...There are E190 from Justflights FS Traffic but very few and those I am looking for are in AIG, but those are obviously ommited.
  2. Hi, as in the title, I don't have any AIG E190 found even if they are installed and shown in MSFS with FSLTL for example. The scan finds only E190 from Justflights FS Traffic. Is this a known issue or what can I do to find the remaining E190, which FS Traffic not have?
  3. Okay, checked...its not correctly mentioned in the manual, there is no hitting enter point, at least I havent seen it. And another thing I saw is the collision avoidance in the air is vertically 1000ft, could that be reduced to 500ft or something like that, as 1000ft is a normal RVSM separation. If I pass an aircraft in 1000ft it is erased, which makes it unrealistic.
  4. To follow up on the threat, would it be possible to have also something more subtile then a follow me car, like a green arrow or something? And I had the blocked callsign entered from Real Traffic yesterday and hit the block/unblock button, but the aircrafts I tested did not disappeared. What could have caused this...
  5. Unfortunately it doesnt work for me, back at P3D times I had never problems...well back to MSFS live ai then.
  6. Well intersting as your MSFS install location is something I've never seen...
  7. Unfortunately 0 liveries found remains...
  8. That doesn't work either, it says "Auromatic search has not found any liveries, switch off automatic...." Can it be, because the Sim is installed at a different drive than the actual Official/Community folder is located? This sim installation is C but the community and official are on E...
  9. My issue is the same with 0 Liveries as this threat is about...here the log
  10. Just switched from a 1080 to a 3090, there is unfortunately not much difference...It maybe depends on the resolution, which I will see once the Reverb G2 arrives. @Nedo68 What is the 3090ti in the signature, never heard of it... 😉
  11. Got a order informatrion from HP says September 1st in Germany, but I dont think it will happen...
  12. Has anybody seen AI contrails with Active Sky? I'm using AIG and there are none but as soon I switch to another weather engine they are back.
  13. Absolutely, the FOV of the first Reverb was terrible small, my Odyssey is better. I had hoped for more than that, because they said no compromise, which it is in my opinion.
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