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  1. Chandler

    RTX2080ti for VR

    My guess is, you wont see a high gain in fps until bad weather kicks in, even my 1080 is not used 100% in normal situations, so there probably wont be much difference. But when you go the Pimax 5k/8k route, it will definitively perform better, do to the higher resolution.
  2. Thats a high possibility, I guess very few developers had tested or seen their cockpits in VR.
  3. There is no need to resize the cockpit, its exactly what you find in real life, if the cockpit is correctly shaped from the developer.
  4. This setting doesn't seems to work on my pc, if I set core 1 and 2 higher then the other, it only shows the lower speeds on all cores. The bios however shows core 1 and 2 set higher, weird...
  5. This is probably quite normal, my sim goes from 50 to 25 or even 20fps using the Oculus Rift in native VR, even more when using te stereo mode, it taxes the GPU hard. That is with the newest hardware available, but still using the 1080, which is probably not enough. As far as I know, SLI doesnt work with VR:
  6. 5.3 was only for a test, its not stable, 5.2 is max durable so far.
  7. Yes the FSLabs is weird, it doesnt use core 0 as much, in the same scenario I got around 40 FPS with the FSL 319.
  8. Yeah the Corsair is not very good, but it was build in, so I'll change that in the near furture...
  9. Sure her you go, 747 @ LHR
  10. So I figured out, it was probably related to the FS Labs Airbus, tried it again with the PMDG 747 and now the load is at 100% at core 0 and the frames are doubled. Maybe there was something wrong with it.
  11. Hi all, I was wondering, if any of you guys have a clou, what the problem could be. As you see, I got modest FPS on my system, but no CPU core nor the GPU are nearly at its full capacity. Could there be another issue I'm not seeing? At least one should be at its limit, or is this a normal picture? I honestly have expected more than this. Thanks for any advise...
  12. My I9-9900K runs with 5.2Ghz (HT off) @ about 80°-90° C with the Corsair H150i. I briefly tried 5.3, which worked for about an hour, than it stopped. I updated my BIOS just yesterday and then I will try it again.
  13. Looks really nice, thanks for your effort.
  14. I'm exitited to see what you can achive with that build, I can do 5.2 stable without HT, 5.3 is also possible but only in P3D, no benchmarks whatsoever, with the H150 Pro.