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  1. Hello Iceman thank you for your help, I really appreciate it... I will surely buy one, was thinking of waiting for the 8K, but as my system had even with a GTX1080 some struggles with the Rift, I think the 8K is more for future systems.
  2. Hi all, I have searched the forum for an answer, but didn't found one. How exactly is it possible to use the Pimax 4K with P3D? I have rented a Oculus Rift CV1 to try it out, but I need better resolution. So I came across the Pimax 4K. I know I need Nolo VR for positional tracking, but I'd like to know, how to get the Pimax 4K to work before I buy one. Do I need additional software, like Steam VR etc.? Thanks to anyone who can help me. Sven
  3. Major simulation flaws in P3Dv4

    We are praising it, cause it's the only serious Airbus simulation out there and it's really good for a desktop sim, but ground behavior is weak. But it's still okay, as it is not a million dollar simulator.
  4. Major simulation flaws in P3Dv4

    The FSL A320 is still not even close to how the real A320 behaves on the ground, its like a sportscar compared to an SUV, way to responsive...
  5. Problem with traffic on ground

    Same here, was hunting the problem down for hours, but as some other has the problem too, it seems to be general.
  6. HDR effects without VC

    Hi all, when flying in the VC, I have the HDR effects, bloom and lens flare etc, but when I use cockpit view only without VC, this effect is gone. Is there a way, to have the HDR effects in normal view, when I use it for my homecockpit, without the VC? Thank's Sven
  7. Flying with live traffic!

    Nico, thanks! This did the trick...
  8. Flying with live traffic!

    Hello Mark, no, I use Windows 10, 64bit. I have updates disabled.
  9. Flying with live traffic!

    Hi Guys, I recently got a problem with Real Traffic, which is required to have the live traffic, it worked flawless until a week or so. Suddenly I cannot start Real Traffic, nothing happens anymore. Java is started in the background and thats it. I redownloaded the program and also the new Java Version, but no luck, also tried the standalone, with the same result. Anybody has a idea, what could be the problem? Thank's...
  10. T2G Mexico City city textures

    I had the same issue with OTHH, look if you have something like Prepard v2 folder above the Prepard v3 installed. If yes maybe there is a texture folder with textures of MMMX installed. I have copied the files of OTHH into the P3D V3 main texture folder and the city had textures again. Maybe this is the case with MMMX too.
  11. Taxi2Gate EDDM released!

    Hmm, weird but I'm not having problems with other sceneries. I mean the visual giudance system, not the jetbridges...
  12. Taxi2Gate EDDM released!

    I'm unable to cross any bridge, nor see I any docking system...not impressed
  13. HDR Bloom without VC

    Hi all, I have a nice bloom effect when looking out of the VC, but when I hit F10 to remove the VC, the effect is gone and it looks quite dull. Is there a way, to have that effect with the VC removed, or do I need a bloom addon for this? Thanks Sven