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  1. Just switched from a 1080 to a 3090, there is unfortunately not much difference...It maybe depends on the resolution, which I will see once the Reverb G2 arrives. @Nedo68 What is the 3090ti in the signature, never heard of it... 😉
  2. Got a order informatrion from HP says September 1st in Germany, but I dont think it will happen...
  3. Has anybody seen AI contrails with Active Sky? I'm using AIG and there are none but as soon I switch to another weather engine they are back.
  4. Absolutely, the FOV of the first Reverb was terrible small, my Odyssey is better. I had hoped for more than that, because they said no compromise, which it is in my opinion.
  5. Dont know if its a certain parameter, buts its gone...
  6. This effect is gone using Envshade...
  7. Today I installed the new Windows 10 2004, which should bring benefits regarding VRAM. For me its the total opposite, its gotten even worse in VR.
  8. I haven't seen any ai contrails so far but on the PMDG 747 they are there...
  9. Thats weird, I can use any 2D window without any problems just using the mouse as I would do when not in VR. I can drag resize and interact with FS2Crew in VR using the mouse pointer, I have not setup any hand controller. I'm using WMR however...
  10. Yep, same here...doesnt work. Its nice to have all these online dependent programs.
  11. I have a 777 Glareshield from Flightdeck Solutions which I dont need anymore, just in case...
  12. I just requested the refund, this is so bad in terms of VR, I maybe come back once all problems sorted out...
  13. So True Sky in VR is not working? This is a serious letdown, as those flat clouds are a immersion killer. They advertise it as "the feature" and then it doesnt work in VR, very disapointing. At leat the performance seems to make a leap...
  14. Sure thing is, that VR will have a bigger role in professional flight training in the near future. Its way more versatile and cost effective than todays training solutions. It can not replace level d training though. But even that might change in the more distant furture.
  15. Nice idea, if Asobo is hiring Virtual Flight Instructors, I will be the first in line...😉
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