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Soothsayers, Grey Beards, and Old Wives Tales

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ou can build 2 p.c's from the same components and install a version of FSX in both and do you think the two will behave the same way? No Way !! Computers are supposed to work on logic well all i can say is that went out of the window when it came to FSX
     I remember when i was a youngster growing up in the Bahamas I would take a stroll down to the docks in the evening to listen to the old salts , recounting their tales , they all had grey beards and could recount a good yarn or two, one could sit for hours and disappear into their tales, my parents would come looking for me as it was late but the tales made time fly by.
          Time went on and I grew up, and much the same happened when i belonged to the flying club at Biggin Hill, where after a days flying one would stop into the watering hole on the airfield and listen to some of the "old boys" shooting a line, hangar flying, lots of them flew spits and things, years ago from the bump, so many an hour passed listening to them sadly now I daresay most of them have now gone., but many an hour disappeared once again as one sat enthralled.
         But the one thing that was constant in all these story tellings was that the tales were based on fact or real experiences, albeit embellished a bit or even a lot , but one learnt a thing or two. I learnt what a high speed stall was long before I ever experienced one, but when i did experience this effect many years later , I knew how to get out of it and more to the point how never too let it happen again.
Much like teacher at school having read a story to the class, turned around and asked what the moral of the story was, remember that?
           So this leads me up to today. Having known that 2 of our members have recently re-installed their windows and FSX programs i was closely following events to see what could be learnt from their misfortunes. G-GMDH  contacted me to say that it would appear that he had found a previously unknown performance  by deleting the old fsx.cfg file and letting it rebuild itself, it seemed too simple but hey what do i know? i had learnt lessons in the past why not again?
           And so i spent the next hour or so busily deleting the .cfg file and then letting it rebuild itself , the result?? an amazing 330fps!!! albeit using the hang glider over some of my home made photoscenery . I looked at the .cfg file and it was a spartan version of the previous version which had more lines in it than a schoolboys punishment after school.. But there were no lines for colour depth or LOD radius and many of the other familiar settings which one changes from time to time , but hey 330fps is super cool!!
            After starting FSX yet again i discovered that the scenery stayed blurry until it disappeared under the nose, not nice, but i figured i could create the LOD entry that would fix that  later,  then i re-started FSX using the airbus  and WOW 150fps !! I normally struggle to get 40. , this was the way to go!!.  however after having flown the airbus for 15 minutes i noticed that the fps was down to 110, so decided to land , and by the time i stopped i was down to 80fps, what gives?  so closed down fsx and opened the .cfg to find masses more entries inside  inc graphics of 4096 and LOD radius of 4.5 , cool!
restarted FSX again with the airbus and discovered it was giving me 55fps now, how is that? it was 155fps 30 minutes ago I had done nothing just re-started FSX a couple of times.
             So went back and reinstalled the original 10 year old .cfg file, set the weather and scenery exactly the same as the previous fire up had been and guess what? it was getting 52fps! this old  .cfg contains many other entries for a/c that I have not installed on the new .cfg,  plus entries for dx10 fixer and probably other things long forgotten, so teacher what is the moral of this story?
Listen to THIS greybeards experience and learn from it!

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