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CHCKS INHBT on all Variants

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This is an odd one.  Have been trying to solve this for about 3 hours.  No matter which B747 variant I attempt to load, when I disconnect all ground services/vehicles and set the wheel chocks to "REMOVED", a "CHCKS INHBT message appears under all the service vehicle lines in the CDU.  I read Kyle's response to another user that mentioned if you load P3D with a PMDG 747 as default or switch between variants in a session, this can happen... but that isn't the case here.  Here's the scenario:


1.  Load P3D with default F-22

2.  Load any B747 at any airport with the "747 Short" panel state

3.  Verify there are no ground services or vehicles connected.

4.  Verify visually that the chocks are set in-place on the landing gear.

5.  Select "Wheel Chocks" to "REMOVED" on the CDU

6.  CHCKS INHBT message appears in CDU under all service vehicles.


What I've done:


1. Searched all the provided PMDG 747 PDFs - found nothing on this issue

2. Searched the internet for comments on "CHCKS INHBT" - nothing found

3. Removed the modified Prepar3D.cfg and allowed P3D to recreate - problem persists

4. Loaded a B747F model - same issue occurrs

5. Disabled ChasePlane (problem stared after I loaded it) - problem persists


Any ideas?  What file is used by all QOTS B747 variants that could be causing this?


Thanks in advance for your help or suggested troubleshooting steps!

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That message just means you won't be able to request the service vehicles until the chocks are in place. If the engines were running, it would say engines instead. The only way it'll allow you to request the service vehicles would be for the engines to be shut down and for the chocks to be in place.

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What is odd is that I have done ~20 flights with the QOTS and never noticed this when I've removed the chocks.  I understand what you're saying, just haven't noticed this before.  While I feel a bit sheepish at the moment, I'm glad there's not something amiss with my setup. 

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