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Somebody get me a doctor...

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...cause I can't get rid of this smile on my face...


Old system:


Intel i5 2400, ASUS P8Z68-Gen2 MB, 16GB RAM(4x4), EVGA GTX660 Video card, WD 1TB 10,000RPM HDD.


NEW System:


Intel i7 7700K, ASUS TUF Z270 MarkII MB, 16GB Kingston Fury DDR4 RAM (2x8). EVGA GTX1060 w/6GB GDDR5, Same HDD.


The old system was about near the end of what it could do as far as FSX was concerned. It would stutter, it would stop, but still at moderate settings would do well. Add PMDG, or Captain Sim products, and it would start to protest. Once airborne, everything would be OK, until I came in to land. Payware airports were a little dicey, but most times, it would be alright. The new Queen ran well on it too but...well...


The NEW system...WOW!!! It's handling everything! I have even bumped up the sliders a bit, and added a few more layers of clouds too. It will stutter a bit, but if you blink, you'll miss it. -And so far, it hasn't stopped once! Still testing, but...


I flew the PMDG MD11 from KSDF( Blue Print ) to KPHL( SunSkyJet) the other day. This would give my old system fits the closer I got to the East Coast. But the new system handled it with ease! Even did a manual cross wind landing( winds 300@20 )! It wasn't my prettiest, but I was still grinning ear to ear!


Thanks to the whole PMDG Team! It looks like I will finally be able to fully enjoy your great products!

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Congrats on your new system. If you can push that 7700k to around 5Ghz you will be amazed more than what you have at default clock.

What I found out is that the severe weather did not affect sim performance that much. I max out all layers of clouds and performance still good (I'm using AS16 and ASCA).

After months of changing settings, tweaking. My FSX now performs much better then it was when I first started, on the same system.

Overall my only concern now is VAS.
Hoang Le

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