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Hello @ll,


here is a list of the freeware Lorby products. All these are available on the main Lorby website:


"Lorby Live Traffic" (FSX/P3D)

The LorbyLiveTraffic (LLTX) is an external App that will inject real-time, real-world traffic into your sim. Please check out the release thread about LLTX in this forum for details:


"Addon Organizer for Prepar3D V4" (for P3D V4 and V3)

A simple app to help you manage your addons by using the recommended procedure based on XML files. You can add, remove, edit, sort your scenery and all other addons, no matter where they reside (*.cfg or add-on.xml files).


"PayloadManagerX" (for P3D V4.2 and later only)

This is a more complex app. You can attach or remove any type of simobject to your aircraft and drop or remove them again. The main applications are:
- Add 3D pilots or passengers inside of your aircraft
- Perform aerial refueling by creating tankers "on the fly", attach fuel booms or drogues to them (and to your own aircraft) and "latch" on to the tanker to refuel more comfortably
- Attach 3D models of weapons to your aircraft (there are quite a few of those included in default P3D).
- Perform parachute jumps with Avatars or bail out of your aircraft using parachutes that actually work

"Lorby Time Machine" (FSX/P3D)

This small app will automatically speed up the simulation rate between the waypoints of your flight plan, and slow down at each waypoint so the autopilot can make the turn and catch up with the route.


"Lorby Scratchpad" (P3D V4.x only)

This app creates a scratchpad window in your sim where you can scribble down notes without having to leave the simulation..


"Remove AI sleepers" FSX/P3D)

This tool removes "sleeping" AI traffic in your vicinity to keep gates free for you.


"Lorby Radar Screen (LRS) and Data provider" (FSX/P3D)

The Radar Screen is an external App that shows your current position and the position of various other objects on a radar scope or a map of your choice. Those maps are actually background pictures that you can load into the app yourself, and it contains an automated downloader for Google Static Maps (Note: if you don't have a Google Static Maps API key, you are limited to one download every time that this app is run).

The Radar Screen taps into the multiplayer protocols of the included Data Provider app, FireFighter X, CropDuster X or AiTracker X. When used with the Data Provider it will only show AI traffic, when used with the other apps, it will show for example the fires and the fields.

It can run on the same machine as the source app or on a remote (Windows) computer. The communication between the Lorby Apps is a proprietary protocol, so you don't have to fiddle with remote SimConnect clients at all.

You can choose to use your own charts as background pictuers - once you have them correctly aligned geographically, the LRS will accurately track your aircraft's position on that chart. If used like this, you will know exactly where you are on that SID or STAR and you are able to read all information off the real chart, not one compiled from simulator scenery.

I have put videos about it on Youtube:


"ThumbnailExporterX" (FSX/P3D)

This app generates a HTML report of all the aircraft that you have installed in FSX or P3D using their thumbnails and aircraft.cfg information.


"Mission Report" (FSX/P3D)

This app generates a HTML report of all the missions / scenarios that you have installed in FSX or P3D.


Small stuff

- The Lorby Camera Pod to be used with WAMA

- A small scenery of the defunct helipad on Monte Serpeddi, Sardinia, Italy (ICAO was: LIES)

- A tool to set your flightnumber in FSX and P3D while the sim is running.


I will post some more tools over time that I have built for my own purposes, so stay tuned.


Best regards

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