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X-RAAS: Runway Awareness and Advisory System 2.0.0

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I installed 2,0 the day it released and was stunned by how well it works.   It's on par with FS2Crew's RAAS payware software.   This is why X-Plane doesn't have a lot of payware devs because all the freeware guys keep knocking it out of the ballpark.  :D   This hurts and helps the X-Plane series I think.   There isn't a lot of Payware airports available despite the age of X-Plane.   The ones that are out there are hit and miss.  I picked up KAUS and KATL and both are kind of let downs compared to their FSX/P3D counterparts.   It would seem X-Plane payware airport designs have an aversion to using custom ground polygon textures.  I am getting kind of tired of seeing the same concrete and asphalt defaults being used... in fact.. at a payware airport.. there should be ZERO default textures in my opinion.   The entire airport should be custom to look as real as it can.      Ah well.. it is what it is I guess.    Off my tangent!    


This freeware plugin is epic!  GRAB IT!

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