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I am an airline professional (15000 hrs B757/A320/B747-400) not a flight sim person. I'm involved in air safety work and currently concerned with an accident still under investigation. I need to contact someone who could assemble a number of short video sequences (300ft to touchdown) showing possible visual cues (lights) sequences with a number of different weather conditions. Can anyone on this forum point me in the right direction? 

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Why do you want computer flight simulation video clips instead of getting in a Level D simulator of the jet in question and varying conditions and visibilities while filming it? I am leaving for Miami tomorrow, otherwise I would consider doing it for you. What is it you need specifically and what type jet? The visual picture will change depending on the jet and while these simulations can be very good they are not to the same standards as a Level C/D simulator...

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I can do that for you. My job is video editing and movie special effects creation (and teaching it to industry professionals too), so what you are after is exactly what I do for a living. I have my own Adobe and Apple Authorised Training Centre in the UK, which is part of the largest video editing training and creative media personnel recruitment company in Europe, with of course a complete professional video editing suite at my disposal and the ability to produce numerous video enhancements including CGI, 3D modeling, audio effects etc, which can be matted into live footage or if necessary, created completely from scratch.

I have trained all kinds of people on that kind of thing, from all around the world, including personnel from the BBC, Al Jazeera, Viacom, numerous movie production companies, lots of police forces and even several avionics companies (who wanted to produce product videos). So we are talking about proper professional standards here for world renowned companies.

Of course of particular relevance here, with having trained numerous police forces (usually the crime scene investigation units, but sometimes the support staff too, who are often the ones creating video simulations of criminal acts to help with presentations during legal proceedings), I'm well familiar with the requirements for the presentation of video evidence for courts and its attendant issues (for example, if you present video which is in anyway misleading, the CPS will tear you a new one lol).

I am also involved (in a small way) in Air Accident Investigation, so familiar with that too. I am a qualified pilot as well (albeit only of small aeroplanes, not airliners, although I have worked on producing technical documentation for several airliners, including the Boeing 767, A330, A321 and A320), so I'll be well able to understand any technical stuff you mention in relation to what you need.

I'd be happy to help you out. Feel free to message me on this website if you would like me to assist you. And no, I won't charge you if you are concerned about that.

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I knocked this up quickly, just to kind of gauge what you are after.

This was done in FS, and there is a lot which can be done with that, but I can create stuff like that without using the simulator if necessary, for example with objects and terrain created from scratch in a custom-made 3D environment if need be. Maybe a fog or a light effect of an exact visibility or luminosity, perhaps to match an airport's RVR measurements at a particular time of day or whatever. Let me know.



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