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Can anyone help please?

I am installing (and learning) about LINDA for the first time because I want to extend my VR Insight Boeing MCP II and CDU II to all my purchased add-ons (e.g. Captain Sim 757/767 and others).  I have read the documentation cover to cover.  I have extracted the LINDA files to the FSX Modules Folder, modified FSUIPC.ini to recognise my MCP Combo and run/set up LINDA.exe.

When I run LINDA.exe my Saitek/HID devices and MCP Combo Panel are recognised with green OKs!  The problem is no matter what I do I cannot get LINDA to 'find' the FSUIPC files although they are installed as per Pete Downson's installer. The error is consistently  '* FSUIPC files not found!'.

Clearly I am making some fundamental error but I cannot find it.  Any suggestions would be very welcome as I don't appear to be able to progress any further until I fix this.

Many thanks!

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Hi Roger, welcome to the LINDA forum.

The error message indicates that fsuipc.ini and/or fsuipc.dll or the LINDA files/folders are not present in your flt sim /modules folder. Make sure that you have correctly copied the LINDA 2.9.3 files and folders into the correct location. The contents of the zip file (folders linda and sound) should be copied into your Flt Sim top folder (e.g. /FSX). The LINDA files (linda.exe, /linda and /linda-cfg, etc) should be copied into the /modules folder alongside the FSUIPC4 files.

Unfortunately, I can not view you DropBox screenshot due to changes in the way DropBox public sharing works.


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Hi Scott

Thanks for your prompt reply.  I believe I have followed your instructions correctly however, the problem remains :-(.

FYI I am running Windows 10 64 bit.  I must still be doing something drastically wrong as so many other folk seem to have installed this correctly. Just to play back what I have done:

1. FSUIPC is installed at the latest standard (4.964) and the FSUIPC .ini and .dll files are in the folder '\FSX\Modules'.

2. When I unpack LINDA 2.9.3 Standard v1 I get two folders, 'Modules' (not 'LINDA') and 'Sound'.  These I have put into my FSX top level folder (\FSX).  At this stage the 'Modules' folder doesn't follow the expectation of seeing a folder called 'Linda' as per your instructions.

3. Within the Linda 'Modules' I get two further folders; 'linda' and 'linda-cfg', two LUA files, 'ipcReady' and 'linda' plus 'LINDA.exe'.

4. These I put into \FSX\Modules alongside all the FSUIPC files (including .ini and .dll) already resident.

5. Running 'Lindsa.exe' including the set up shows that Linda:

a) recognises my Saitek hardware, b) recognises my VRInsight MCP (FSUIPC.ini modified manually) and c) once FSX has started, recognises that FSX is running.  However, it still consistently fails to 'find' the FSUIPC files and refers me to 'set up'.

I have re-done this a good few times trying some variations without any change in symptoms.  Any further guidance would be very much appreciated!

Thanks - Roger

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Hi Roger

It sounds like you have things in the right places. The correct file structure is:


contains files FSUIPC4.ini, FSUIPC4.dll, linda.exe, ipcready.lua, linda.lua (the last 3 are in the downloaded LINDA installation)

and folders /linda and /linda-cfg (from in downloaded LINDA installation containing all necessary files).

I can see no reason why it is still showing that it cannot find the FSUIPC files but this is not important. As long as it sees the MCP panel and your joysticks then it should be working. Make sure that the FSXSYNC is set and Aircraft box outlined in Orange.

I suggest you run linda.exe and go to Setup LINDA page. Tick Developer Mode, GUI and LUA. Select VERBOSE. Close and restart LINDA.exe. Then email me the files fsuipc4.log and linda2.log to Also take screenshots of the LINDA Summary page. This will allow me to see and advise what may be going on.

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After a lot of help from Andrew we discovered that I was linked to the downloaded instance of LINDA.EXE and not the installed version.  The light has come on and I am getting 'three greens' on my set up.  Also I have now moved on to assigning functions and adding pay-ware aircraft.

Many many thanks for lots of help and patience - this is a step change in using my flight simulator and the various button and MCP functions now being used for all my aircraft.

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I am very pleased we have got you setup working and you can start enjoying flying.

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