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  1. Issue Solved. Case closed. This was down to an additional LINDA PMDG 737-900 Module file in FSUIPC/LINDA.CFG and LINDA/Aircrafts. With this file deleted it left justone file, PMDG Boeing 737 NGXu, which is the only folder necessary to support all PMDG 737 NGXu variants. Thanks as always to Andrew AKA ScotFleiger for his help in diagnosing this problem. Roger Flitter
  2. Hi Andrew I will run the diagnostics as per your note above, probably have to be tomorrow now. I wasn't aware of any issues with 5.1 and PMDG but I will do a bit of research on it. Thanks again for your help - always great;y appreciated Rgds - Roger
  3. Just a thought - I am on P3Dv5.1, is that relevant at all? It carries improvents and bug fixes but the basisc don't appear to have changed
  4. Hi Andrew - yes I have, two or three times with the -900 including both not re-syncing and syncing.
  5. That's understood hence me loading a default a/c between each of the 3 experimental loads.
  6. Hi Andrew My first screen shot may be deceiving - I did not have the sim running. Apologies for that. 1. Loaded -900, Synced LINDA with Sim. Alll Variants shown with 'Edit' but MCP Panel did not initialise nor did MCP buttons etc and switch panel U/C lever work. Anew entry appeared in the 'Aircraft' list for the selected -900. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w_BxO1FQRJd3oXL1S-ibFSjjrvsWTd5L/view?usp=sharing 2. Loaded a default aircraft followed by -700. Synced with Sim. All variants visible and MCP Panel initialised and MCP worked correclty including switch panel gear lever. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fm9NDykjWsZoTzY46NiN1USZQrZFA9r6/view?usp=sharing 3. Repeated above process and re-loaded -900 - symptoms as reported in (1) above. Not sure if there is a problem or I am missing something - the latter is quite feasible! Rgds - Roger Flitter
  7. Hi Andrew - wow - I didn't expect a response that quick! Thank you. I have a screen shot as requested but unsure how to insert it into the post? Does this work? https://drive.google.com/file/d/12eP_dWHhvmIot6XyNkgJTRC3A_vhRR37/view?usp=sharing Roger Flitter
  8. Following a new Windows 10 64 bit PC installation and a clean install of P3dV5.1 my PMDG 737 - 700NGX VRInsight MCP works perfectly, does what it says on the tin! Probem is the other PMDG 737 Variants, e.g. 737-800 and -900 whilst recognised by LINDA in the selection box at the top of the splash page, they do not function with the other variants. I have tried copying the -700 Linda files into the -900 folder but no joy. Be grateful for some guidance please Many thanks - Roger Flitter
  9. Andrew Thank you again - the penny has dropped, the light has come on! I am now allocating functionality to default and specific aircraft and not surprisingly it works! I should have taken more notice of the second paragraph on page 4 of the guide. Anyway - thanks again Roger
  10. Hi Andrew Thanks for this info and the guidance - I'm sure previous instances of LINDA came with this pre-loaded. Anyway - NP! I'll get the assisnments done and let you know. Meanwhile, thanks for the support - as always much appreciated Roger
  11. Hi Andrew Update - I assembled and posted information as requested to you on Friday last by email - not sure if you have received it? Further update - Yesterday (Sunday 18th) I tried P3DV5 with both the Saitek Switch panel and the Saitek Multi Panel. Astonishingley the Multi Panel worked correctlywith no further input from me (as does the VRI MCP II when fitted) so I am even more baffled. Just to confirm I have re-set the Windows 10 USB Power Managenent to 'disabled' and tried the Saitek switch panel in various USB slots. The 'three greens' illuminate but no functionality from any of the switches, mag switch or U/C lever Let me know if you need any further information Roger
  12. Hi Andrew thanks for your response. Frustrated with this one, I will assemble information and send, confirm checkbox is ticked and no other Saitek software installed. is your email address evident in the Fault Diagnosis section? Rgds - Roger
  13. Help Please! I am doing a new install of P3dv5 on a new PC with Windows 10 64bit. I have discarded FSX and P3DV4 (which were working OK). I have installed scenery and PMDG 737NGXu plus of course all the default aircraft. I have installed FSUIPC6 and LINDA 3.2.6 and I believe have followed all rthe guidance in Scot Flieger's accompanying manual. No matter what I do I cannot get the Saitek Switch Panel to work although the Gear Down/Up lever did work for a while. Meanwhile, the Boeing MCP II panel woirks perfectly. This is the case with both the default aircraft and the PMDG 737. LINDA recognises the Switch Panel and all the assigned parameters and highlights each when switches are operated. I have poured over this for nearly three days now including re-installs and trying various combinations including both LUA and GUI options. I know you will need more information which I can provide of course. Given rthat LINDA works very well Saitek Panels and with most users I must be doing something basically wrong but I can't see it Be grateful for some guidance Thanks - Roger
  14. Hi Alex I have had the CDU II operating successfully for some time so I can provide some information. Firstly I may have some disappointing news for you - although the CDU II software supports a number of aircraft types including A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 777 etc etc functionality is limited to a short list of aircraft model providers. This includes PMDG, IFly, Wilco and Aerosoft and a few others. I have checked this range on my CDU II and the FSLabs A320 is not among them., Please feel free to research this for yourself but I think I am correct. You may need to purchase an A320 from a supplier supported by VRInsight. Examples are Aerosoft and Wilco. If you do not have the Installation Guide you can download it from the following link: http://vrinsight.com/devel_shot/Manual/CDU-II/CDU_II.pdf Although it seems a bit complicated to start with, if you step through the manual one by one it will work subject to the information above. I hope this helps - Roger
  15. Hi SKEWR It would appear that you are only missing a basic installation step. I need to remind myself of the process and I will have a look as soon as I am able, I am unwell right now. Meanwhile you might want to go through the installation manual again step by step. I seem to recall that one step in particular populates the supported aircraft list. Rgds - Roger
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